Christianne Van Keuren’s New Book “Sylvan Elf Chronicles: Kaleen the Discovery: Book One” Tells the Tale of Lynerin’s Rebirth and the End of the Evil Nalas’ Dark Rule.

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updated: Jan 4, 2018

Newest publication “Sylvan Elf Chronicles: Kaleen the Discovery: Book One” from Fulton Books author Christianne Van Keuren is the tale of a young she-elf named Kaleen. Through Kaleen, the powerful Lynerin will be reborn and the fall of the evil Nalas made possible.

Born in Poughkeepsie, New York, Christianne moved to Clinton Corners, New York with her parents and four siblings. After high school, she attended SUNY Delhi where she earned an AAS veterinary technology degree. She is a licensed veterinary technician as well as a licensed medical technologist. Christianne currently works as a medical technologist. She enjoys being outside and has a great appreciation for all aspects of nature from the stars to the pebbles at the bottom of a stream. She believes even ice storms have an ethereal twinkle in the right light. Her character Kaleen shares many of her values and views on protecting the world. Christianne’s most recent book “Sylvan Elf Chronicles: Kaleen the Discovery: Book One” is an epic adventure to reunite the three talismans and end the rule of the evil Nalas.

“Nalas has sworn to hunt her down to kill her body and soul for good. So be it if the new being she chose dies as well. That was just gravy.” –Christianne Van Keuren

Published by Fulton Books, Christianne Van Keuren’s book is the tale of Kaleen, as she begins to dream of times and people she does not know. They are, however, not just dreams. They are the ancient memories of a powerful elven Grace. As Lynerin awakens inside the young she-elf, Kaleen must scramble to relearn Lynerin’s skills with the blade and bow to combat an emerging threat.

Sensing Lynerin’s rebirth, the evil Nalas swears he will destroy her body and soul for good. He must find the book and the three talismans before they can be united to end him forever. Kaleen, another elf, and a wise, battle-worn widgeon must find the magical items then bring Nalas’ reign of terror to an end or die trying. The three talismans must be reunited, and the combined power used to stop Nalas.

Readers who wish to experience this epic work can purchase “Sylvan Elf Chronicles: Kaleen the Discovery: Book One” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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