Country Soul Recording Artist Brei Carter Reveals New Tracks “Sun Still Shining” & “Cake And Eat It Too” Due Out June 19

“Sun Still Shining” single art

“Cake And Eat It Too” single art

“Cake And Eat It Too” single art

Brei Carter | Photo: Elektrohorse

Brei Carter | Photo: Elektrohorse

From forthcoming Fall 2024 EP, A Brei Of Fresh Air.

She’s found her niche artistically and is thriving in it, excelling in a hybrid sound she calls country soul…”

— – Ron Wynn, Good Country

NASHVILLE, TN, UNITED STATES, June 13, 2024 / — Country soul recording artist Brei Carter will electrify on her new EP, A Brei Of Fresh Air, due out in October across all major digital music streaming platforms. On June 19th, she’ll unveil two new single tracks, the irresistible groove on “Sun Still Shining” [pre-save link], and the bold and daring anthem “Cake And Eat It Too,” a track that screams liberation and pure, unfiltered sass that was inspired by her spirited Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Sisters and women around the world.

“A Brei of Fresh Air is more than just an EP; it’s a heartfelt journey through my evolution as both an artist and an individual,” Carter said. Within these songs, the earthy spirit of country melds seamlessly with the rich, emotive depths of soul.”

Known for taking a somewhat of an unorthodox approach when building a new EP or album project, Carter’s A Brei Of Fresh Air includes multiple notable music producers, video producers and songwriters that she collaborated with. The end result is a diversified sound and look from track-to-track. The blossoming Nashville songstress worked with Jimmy Ritchey (George Strait, Mark Chestnutt, Clay Walker) on “Country Lives In Me,” Bill McDermott (Tim McGraw, Gretchen Wilson, Martina McBride) on “Sun Still Shining,” William Washington aka WLPWR (Yelawolf) on “Whiskey On My Mind,” Elektrohorse (Cowboy Troy) on “Boots Get To Talking” and “Cake And Eat It Too,” and Karl Weidmann (Elvie Shane) on the music video for “Sun Still Shining.”

“Get ready, world!” Carter says with enthusiasm. “I’m about to bring the musical heat and redefine what it means to rise from the ashes!”

A Brei Of Fresh Air Tracklisting & Songwriters:
“Sun Still Shining” (Marti Dodson, Lonnie Fowler, David Frasier)
“Boots Get To Talking” (Brei Carter, Elektrohorse, Floyd Hollaway, Ray Seay)
“Cake And Eat It Too” (Brei Carter, Elektrohorse, Ray Seay)
“The Country Lives In Me” (Brei Carter, Kim McLean)
“Whiskey On My Mind” (Brei Carter, Brad Jennings, Jonathan Scheffer, Ryan Connelly)
“Louisiana Juke” featuring Cupid (Brei Carter, Elektrohorse, Ray Seay)
“Cowgirl” (Brei Carter, Carli Odunsi)

The pair of new singles follow her critically acclaimed first single from the EP, the line-dancing ditty “Boots Get To Talking,” released in January, which is also the namesake of her promotional tour which is bringing her to Louisiana, California, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina & Illinois throughout 2024.

2024 Boots Get To Talking Tour & Appearance Dates:
JUN 15-16 – Music City Freedom Festival 2024 / Nashville, Tenn.
JUN 19 – Wild Wild West In Color Rodeo / Marietta, Ga.
JUN 21 – Nashville on the Coast @ The Beach House / Seal Beach, Calif.
OCT 11 – Willow Ridge Winery / Shelbyville, Ill.
** For Brei’s most updated tour/appearance schedule and show information follow on BandsInTown

About Brei Carter:
In the heart of Monroe, Louisiana, amidst the nurturing embrace of the Deep South, Brei Carter was born into a world where faith, music, and love intertwine like the roots of ancient oaks. Raised on a rich diet of gospel hymns from the Lone Star Missionary Baptist Church, the soul-stirring melodies of Charley Pride and Loretta Lynn, and the powerful voice of Aretha Franklin, Brei’s life was been rooted in strong southern tradition and unwavering familial devotion. This foundation, layered with the sacred words of the Bible, became the bedrock of her journey.

But Brei’s path was anything but ordinary. With a relentless spirit, she pursued education with the same fervor she held for music, earning a Bachelor’s in Business from the University of Louisiana in Monroe, a Master’s in International Relations from Webster University, and a Doctorate in Theology from New Foundation Theological Seminary. Her service in the U.S. Army, both as an enlisted soldier and an officer, further shaped her resilience and dedication.

Upon setting her boots in Nashville, Brei Carter carved a niche for herself as an exquisite country soul singer-songwriter, blending the threads of country, soul, and southern pop into an electrifying tapestry of sound. Her debut single, “Gave Him A Girl,” captured hearts with its charm, earning praise for its catchy sincerity. Esteemed voices in the music world, including Music Row Magazine’s Robert K. Oermann and platforms like TBN-TV’s Huckabee, RFD-TV’s Market Day Report, The Bluegrass Situation and Billboard have all recognized her unique blend of storytelling and melody.

Brei’s journey through music is a testament to the power of dreams and the courage to chase them. Her first album, Brand New Country, not only paid homage to her roots with a beloved cover of Charley Pride’s “Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’,” but also narrated her indomitable spirit in “Stronger Than That.” The release of “Straight Up Country Crazy” in 2023 revealed the vibrancy and depth of her character, while her Twinkling Tales of Christmas EP brought warmth and joy to the holiday season.

As she looks to the future, with new EPs and shows on the horizon for 2024, Brei Carter stands as a beacon of hope and perseverance. Her story is a poignant reminder that with faith, patience, and time, dreams do flourish. It’s a narrative that doesn’t just tug at the heartstrings; it resonates with the soul, echoing the timeless truth that no matter where life takes us, our roots and our wings are equally important in the journey of becoming who we are meant to be.

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