Creepshow season 4 clip shows an intense moment from newly released Shudder show

A clip from Creepshow season 4 previews an intense moment shared by Mike Flanagan regulars Ruth Codd and Samantha Sloyan

All six episodes of the fourth season of the anthology series Creepshow, which is a continuation of the franchise George A. Romero and Stephen King began with the 1982 film Creepshow (watch it HERE) and the 1987 sequel Creepshow 2 (watch that one HERE), are now available to watch through the Shudder and AMC+ streaming services – and to promote the release of Creepshow season 4, we’ve gotten our hands on an intense clip from one of the episodes! You can watch it in the embed above.

This clip features characters played by Ruth Codd and Samantha Sloyan, who were also both in the Mike Flanagan Netflix shows The Midnight Club and The Fall of the House of Usher.

In addition to the streaming service binge release, Creepshow season 4 will also be airing on AMC weekly, at 10pm ET / 9pm CT on Fridays.

Creepshow is presented as if it were a comic book come to life. Explore terrors ranging from murder, creatures, monsters and delusions to the supernatural and unexplainable. You never know what will be on the next page…

The Creepshow TV series is produced by the Cartel with Monster Agency Productions, Taurus Entertainment, and Striker Entertainment. Jack of all trades Greg Nicotero (writer, director, producer, FX artist, etc.) – who visited the set of the original Creepshow and worked on Creepshow 2 – serves as creative supervisor on the series. He executive produces this Creepshow alongside Stan Spry, Jeff Holland, and Eric Woods of the Cartel; Brian Witten of Monster Agency Productions; Robert Dudelson, James Dudelson, and Jordan Kizwani of Taurus Entertainment; and Russell Binder of Striker Entertainment. Co-executive producers are the Cartel’s Geoff Silverman and Anthony Fankhauser, Monster Agency’s Julia Hobgood, and Striker’s Marc Mostman. Steven St. Arnaud is a producer on the show as well. Co-executive producers include Geoff Silverman and Anthony Fankhauser of the Cartel and Julia Hobgood of Monster Agency Productions.

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I have watched everything Creepshow up to this point, so I will definitely be checking out these new episodes as well.

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