Critically Acclaimed Singer Carissa Summer Rose Releases Powerful New Ballad, “Hopeless”

Carissa Summer Rose, photo credit: Garett Stotko,

Carissa Summer Rose, photo credit: Garrett Stotko,

Carissa Summer Rose, photo credit: Garrett Stotko,

In advance of her upcoming new Remix Album, Carissa Summer Rose Releases her first new single, “Hopeless”

When I first wrote the song “Hopeless,” it was about making others feel less alone in their struggles.”

— Carissa Summer Rose

MALIBU, CA, UNITED STATES, February 24, 2024 / — Carissa Summer Rose has just released her latest single, “Hopeless” today, a powerful pop ballad and love song that she states, “explores the feelings of hopelessness about love and life.” Produced by the acclaimed music producer Julian Shah-Tayler, known for his work with David Bowie’s band, and the trailer for the hit Disney film “Maleficent” featuring Lana Del Rey, this new song marks a significant milestone in Carissa’s musical journey.

This new version of “Hopeless” is a remix of the earlier version also streaming on YouTube. that is the first single from her upcoming new remix album featuring tracks from her debut album, “It Started in the City of Roses.” When Carissa’s talent manager Bruce Edwin first heard that version of the song, that along with her cut “Blacktop,” led her to get signed,” he stated, “I loved it so much. Carissa’s voice is so beautiful on it, and it really shows her range. It’s a great song, and also very sad! I wanted the world to hear a new version of that beautiful song, with a focus on the chorus, and bigger instrumentation. Carissa and Julian got that perfectly, and the results are extraordinary.”

Listen to the new single of Carissa Summer Rose: Hopeless (remix) here:

Carissa Summer Rose, now signed with Starpower Management in all areas, is set to release three more singles next month after “Hopeless,” including two from her upcoming new album. “Hopeless” is her second song she recently recorded with music producer Julian Shah-Tayler last month. The artist already has over half a dozen other major Grammy award winning music producers interested in working with her through her management team.

“Hopeless” delves into the universal struggle of breaking up and leaving someone we love. Love and romance are themes that resonate powerfully with Carissa’s dedication to lyrical storytelling. The remix of “Hopeless” captures the essence of her unique musical style, blending the traditional pop landscape with modern production elements that should appeal to a wide fanbase.

Hollywood Sentinel describes Carissa Summer Rose’s music as “captivating,” and “definitely a new artist on our playlist.” They add, “Fans of Adele and Lana Del Rey should love Carissa Summer Rose’s great new remix here, of her single, “Hopeless.”

About Carissa Summer Rose

At just 22 years old, Carissa Summer Rose has already made a mark with her dynamic voice and empowering songwriting. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, she moved to Los Angeles at just 17, where she excelled at the Los Angeles College of Music and graced the stages of renowned venues in Hollywood. As noted in her official biography at, “Her musical style effortlessly weaves together elements of pop, rock, R&B, punk, and more, resonating with audiences seeking emotionally charged compositions. Beyond her musical talents, Carissa stands as an activist and lyrical storyteller, advocating themes of self-love, female empowerment, equality, and inner resilience.”

Discussing her new song with “Hollywood Sentinel” today, Carissa Summer Rose was asked what the new remix of “Hopeless” means to her. She states, “I wrote the song back in 2019, when I was eighteen. It was one of the highlights of my coming-of-age debut album called “It Started in the City of Roses,” and encapsulated my struggles with depression and feelings of hopelessness about life in general at that time that many kids go through. When I first wrote the song, it was about making others feel less alone in their struggles, but years after releasing it, I view it a little differently. That time in my life is a part of my life story, and a reminder of how far I’ve come with my emotional journey.” Carissa adds, “Working on the new version of the song was a challenge. Singing it always stirs up old emotions and brings me back to the state of mind that I was in when I wrote it. The thing that got me out of that headspace was reminding myself of the progress I have made since then, and how much things have really changed.”

Following the success of her debut album, “It Started in the City of Roses,” and the popularity of her single, “Blacktop,” Carissa Summer Rose is also actively working on her highly anticipated sophomore album, in addition to the new remix album. The upcoming release promises an evolution that mirrors her personal growth, addressing mature themes such as feminism and self-empowerment.

Bruce Edwin, CEO of Starpower Management, expresses excitement about his client, stating, “Carissa Summer Rose has an exquisite voice with a uniquely original vocal technique. She is an outstanding songwriter and a lovely person. I am very excited to help in her journey to the next level.”

When asked what fans can expect from her in the future, Carissa Summer Rose states, “I will continue to push the envelope of “pop” as I evolve, that’s for sure. I have always gone against the grain and did my own thing, since a very young age. I think that’s truly who I am at my core.”

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