Dr. Robert Marks Discusses Cannabis Medical Benefits and the Importance of NARCAN on Weed And Whiskey News with J-Man

Dr. Robert Marks

Dr. Robert Marks from Austin, Texas Discusses Cannabis Medical Benefits and the Importance of NARCAN on Weed And Whiskey News with host Jerry J-Man Joyner

AUSTIN, TX, USA, December 14, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Robert Marks, a renowned figure from the Diagnostic Pain Center and Texas Hemp Clinic in Austin, Texas, recently made a guest appearance on the popular show Weed And Whiskey News, hosted by Jerry “J-Man” Joyner. The episode delved into the medical benefits of cannabis and emphasized the crucial role of NARCAN in today’s society.

During the show, Dr. Marks shared his extensive knowledge and experience in the field of pain management and hemp-based therapies. The discussion highlighted how cannabis has emerged as a significant alternative in treating various medical conditions. Dr. Marks’ insights provided a deeper understanding of the plant’s therapeutic properties and its potential in revolutionizing healthcare.

Additionally, a significant portion of the conversation was dedicated to discussing the importance of NARCAN (naloxone), a life-saving medication used to reverse opioid overdoses. In light of the increasing opioid crisis, Dr. Marks stressed the importance of having NARCAN readily available as a precautionary and lifesaving measure.

Host Jerry Joyner facilitated an enlightening conversation, exploring the intersections of traditional medicine, alternative therapies, and public health issues. The episode brought to light the evolving perceptions of cannabis in the medical community and its growing acceptance as a legitimate treatment option.

Dr. Marks’ appearance on Weed And Whiskey News is a testament to his commitment to advancing medical knowledge and public awareness regarding cannabis and overall health safety measures.

The episode is available for streaming on the Weed And Whiskey News website and through various podcast platforms.

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About Dr. Robert Marks

Dr. Robert Marks is a leading pain management specialist and an advocate for the medical use of hemp-based treatments. He is associated with the Diagnostic Pain Center and Texas Hemp Clinic in Austin, Texas.

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