Father and Son’s Heartwarming Author Journey

Tristan (left) and Blaise (right) celebrating their success outdoors.

A True Story About Family Bonds And Never Giving Up

The best part of this journey has been sharing it with my son.”

— Blaise Miranda

MISSION VIEJO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Blaise and Tristan Miranda are a father-and-son writing team whose debut book, “Drowned Sea,” recently became a #1 new release on Amazon’s Kindle Store. But success didn’t come easy.

Their journey began eight years ago while Tristan was attending college seven states away from his father, Blaise. The separation was difficult for both of them, as Blaise had been Tristan’s engineering teacher and tennis coach during Tristan’s high school years. So, they came up with an idea to help them stay close—they wrote a book.

Drowned Sea, a dark fantasy novel described as “Pirates of the Caribbean meets Game of Thrones,” took six years and dozens of drafts to write. But after a year and literally hundreds of submitted letters to literary agents, they still hadn’t been able to make a deal with a publisher. Rather than call it quits, they created their own publishing house.

MW Press might not be the largest publishing house you’ve heard of, but after another year of learning what-not-to-do in the publishing business, Blaise and Tristan found their recipe for success. They published “Drowned Sea” entirely by themselves, and finally succeeded in getting recognized on Amazon as a #1 New Release for Pirate Action and Adventure.

“This is a dream come true,” Tristan said. “We always knew that our hard work would pay off, but it’s still an amazing feeling, you know? It’s been a long journey, but it’s still just the start. We have a lot more stories coming, and we can’t wait to publish them.”

“This has been an amazing experience,” said Blaise. “But the best part of this journey has been sharing it with my son.”

Drowned Sea tells the story of a mother with nothing to lose who must raise an army of cultists and traverse the monster-infested sea to save her daughter from the clutches of a fearsome pirate.

You can support Blaise and Tristan’s dreams by purchasing “Drowned Sea” on Amazon.

You can also get their prequel, Tooth and Nail, for free by joining their mailing list.

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