Fear the Walking Dead will end with a two-part series finale in November

The AMC series Fear the Walking Dead’s eight season run is coming to an end with a two-part series finale next month


The Walking Dead reached its end after an eleven season run last year. Now its companion series Fear the Walking Dead is also coming to an end, wrapping up with a twelve episode eighth season. The second half of Fear the Walking Dead season 8 will begin airing on AMC this Sunday, October 22nd – and ComicBook.com reports that it’s all building up to a two-part series finale that will air on November 19th.

The last six episodes of Fear the Walking Dead have the following synopsis: Now that Shrike (Maya Eshet) and her influence are gone, Madison (Kim Dickens) sets sights on transforming PADRE into the safe haven the old Stadium was meant to be. But in doing so the island becomes a target as well as a beacon as word of Madison and this land of resources spreads, attracting unwanted attention that puts PADRE back in peril and questions whether our heroes even deserve to save it.

In addition to Eshet and Dickens, the show’s cast includes Colman Domingo, Rubèn Blades, Danay García, Jenna Elfman, Austin Amelio, and Christine Evangelista. The Walking Dead cast member Lennie James was also on Fear the Walking Dead for several seasons, but he departed the series in the season 8 midseason finale.

Andrew Chambliss, who serves as a Fear the Walking Dead showrunner with Ian Goldberg, told ComicBook.com that fans should expect the series to come to a satisfying conclusion: “We knew at the end of season 7 that season 8 was going to be the final season. We were very grateful that we were able to go into the season knowing that because it meant we could plan the story to bring the show to a conclusion, to really bring these characters to the end of their journey on the show. Starting from a place of building towards a conclusion made all the planning — both on a practical level, and on a narrative level — that much easier. I think it will result an ending that feels a lot more satisfying than if it was something that we found out halfway through the season. But it led to us having this thematic drive that guided us where Ian and I often said — ‘the end is in the beginning’ — and it meant looking back at all these characters to see where they started their journeys, take stock of how they’ve grown, and put them in places where that would be readily apparent both to them and to the audience.

I used to review every episode of Fear the Walking Dead here on JoBlo / Arrow in the Head, but my review series ended with the season 5 finale… and I haven’t watched a single episode of the show since. But now that it’s coming to an end, I’ll be catching up on what I missed.

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