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Feb 15, 2016

New website offering a range of elegant professionally designed funeral program and memorial document templates that can be instantly downloaded for personalization and home printing.

Final Tribute just launched a new website offering a range of distinctive funeral programs and memorial templates in Microsoft Word format for instant download. Visitors can browse, purchase and download a template in a matter of minutes and quickly create a customized funeral service document. The program can be printed at home or taken to a local printer shop, saving both time and money for the family. The team behind is dedicated to providing this important service to the recently bereaved during the confusing and emotional period directly following the loss of a loved one.   

Templates are affordably priced and start at just $29; they can be purchased using PayPal (which can also process credit cards) and instantly downloaded to a computer or other device. Once downloaded, texts and pictures can be edited and design elements rearranged if desired to achieve a completely custom tribute honoring the deceased’s life and accomplishments in a very short space of time. This allows family members of the deceased to have full control over the style and content of this important document and once it is complete, they can then concentrate on other pressing tasks and decisions.

Close friends and family often hold on to the memorial program as a keepsake among their personal photographs and memories of their loved one, so great care is taken to present a range of funeral program templates that can embody the life and character of the person being memorialized. Several design choices are available, all created by professional graphic artists and ready for immediate purchase and download.

Colors and graphic elements are used to represent a certain personality type, interest or hobby. This provides the customer with a variety of templates to choose from and gives them the starting point to create a tailored tribute document. All of the templates have an overriding sense of peacefulness in the color palettes and background images that will present the life of the deceased in a dignified and beautiful manner while reflecting the individual qualities of that person in life.

Each template is created in Microsoft Word format which is a readily available and commonly used program that many people already have installed on their home computer or mobile device. Customized text and photographs can be added and once it is finalized, the document can easily be printed on a home printer or sent by email to a local print shop for professional printing if needed. The program or memorial may be printed as many times as required.

Along with the instant download, technical support is available through if any problems are encountered while editing or printing the document.

The FinalTribute team is proud to be able to offer support to grieving families in their time of need through our instant download funeral programs and memorial templates.

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