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“Frameworks for Business Success” by George Mayfield is now available through all major book outlets and published by Frameworks Consortium Publishing

I wanted to create a comprehensive guidebook to help entrepreneurs understand how they can use frameworks to build a thriving enterprise.”

— George Mayfield

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2023/ — Frameworks Consortium Publishing, a renowned joint-venture publishing program, today announced the release of its latest book, “Frameworks for Business Success: How to Scale Your Business from Entrepreneur to Enterprise to Build an Increasingly Profitable Company” by George Mayfield. This comprehensive guide provides essential insights and actionable advice to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses from startups to thriving enterprises, ensuring long-term profitability and success.

“This book is excellent for establishing and growing your business with practical, relevant, and important guidelines for success. Highly recommended read.” – Laura Ann Margaret Butler, Business Coach, Keynote Speaker & Author

“Frameworks for Business Success,” available now on Amazon and the Frameworks Consortium Publishing website, is an essential read for ambitious entrepreneurs seeking informed guidance on issues such as systems and processes, key performance indicators, project and change management, and effective utilization of business resources.

In this groundbreaking book, George Mayfield shares valuable insights gained from his own extensive entrepreneurial journey, providing readers with the practical tools and frameworks necessary to build successful, scalable companies. Mayfield tackles crucial topics, such as evaluating your company machine, strategic planning, and utilizing a fractional expertise to help you get where you want to be. He delves into the importance of scaling through a curated community and and bringing all the frameworks into a manageable system.

“I wanted to create a comprehensive guidebook to help entrepreneurs understand how they can use frameworks to build a thriving enterprise,” said Mayfield. “Frameworks for Business Success” is an indispensable resource for anyone looking to operationalize their business while maximizing their return on investment.”

Targeting entrepreneurs, business owners, and aspiring leaders, “Frameworks for Business Success” offers readers not only the technical knowledge but also the transformative mindset necessary to create increasingly profitable companies that can take them from humble beginnings to successful exits down the road. As a unique selling point, Mayfield’s firsthand experience brings trust and relatability to the book for those who aspire to take their business to the next level. With “Frameworks for Business Success,” entrepreneurs will be armed with the tools to build successful endeavors that can last long beyond their involvement.

Advanced readers have already given the book rave reviews, praising its comprehensive nature and actionable advice.

“If you’re serious about building, running, and maintaining your business machine, the principles and procedures in this book must be implemented. I wish I could have read this book when I started my business career almost 40 years ago.” – Eric Harrison, 4impact Data, Author of Amazon Best-selling book, Mustard Seed Faith

“I heard of Frameworks for Business Success by George Mayfield and was so impressed with its practical approach to navigating the ever-changing business environment that I recommended it to my international network of entrepreneurs. It will become a go-to resource for those looking to establish or grow their businesses from start-ups to established enterprises.” – Shami Aliyev, Global Entrepreneur and Quality Assurance Director, Rabitabank

The book features a foreword written by Craig Duswalt who is a well-known Professional Keynote Speaker, Multiple #1 Bestselling Author, Podcaster, and the creator of the brands RockStar Marketing and Rock Your Life.

“I was honored to write the foreword for Frameworks For Business Success,” said Duswalt. “Having known George for many years, I know that his knowledge on business frameworks and strategies can help entrepreneurs at all stages succeed. I’m thrilled to see this book hitting the shelves!”

“George Mayfield has a way of taking a very complex and extraordinary topic – the entrepreneurial lifecycle – and simplifying it in a way that every business owner can understand, from the fledgling start-up to the seasoned serial entrepreneur. He balances execution, operations, finance and more with real-life examples the reader can grab onto and apply to their circumstances. Building a company right from the start with your exit in mind is a framework for success. Well done, George!” says Steve Conwell, CEO of Final Ascent LLC.

The release of “Frameworks for Business Success” marks an important milestone in the growth of Mayfield’s company, Frameworks Consortium, LLC. Frameworks Consortium is an organization that helps business owners scale as part coaching and advisory and part “Done For You” managed services. Following the same frameworks in the book, George’s team does a deep analysis on their clients, finding the gaps in their systems that keep the company from healthy growth. Along with a fractional C-Suite, they develop and prioritize solutions using Vetted Service Providers. The C-Suite Advisory team monitors the company’s progress each month through standardized KPIs.

Frameworks Consortium’s C-Suite lineup consists of Tim Kiernan as the Chief Revenue Officer, Kent Barner as the Chief Information Officer, Glenna Hecht as the Chief Human Resources Officer, Kirk Coyne as the Chief Financial Officer, and George Mayfield as the Chief Operations Officer.

With his extensive experience as a successful entrepreneur himself, Mayfield brings invaluable insights and real-world advice to business owners around the world. By leveraging frameworks to build resilient enterprises, entrepreneurs have access to increased opportunities for long-term success. Mayfield believes this book will empower readers with the knowledge and tools to build an empire that will last.

“My goal is to give readers a blueprint for successful entrepreneurship,” said Mayfield. “This book provides the knowledge necessary to go from creation to success in business, while providing real-world insights based on my own experiences. I’m immensely thankful to those who have supported me through the writing process as well as those who helped spread the word of its release. I hope that this book can help even the odds for small and mid-sized businesses.”

“Frameworks for Business Success” is available now on Amazon and other major retailers. For more information about George Mayfield’s entrepreneurial journey, visit

Grab your copy today and join the ranks of entrepreneurs around the world who are taking their businesses to a higher level of success.

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