Gig Worker Solutions and Tickets for Good Announce Partnership: A Milestone for Gig Economy Workers

Empowering the 74 million members of the Gig Economy with access to true group benefits, workers compensation, and resources previously reserved only for W2 employees.

Tickets for Good is a dynamic platform revolutionizing access to live events for community servers.

Groundbreaking Partnership: Gig Worker Solutions & Tickets for Good Unite to Enrich Gig Workers’ Lives

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2023 / — In a significant development for the gig economy, Gig Worker Solutions, the only Tech Professional Employer Organization (PEO) offering comprehensive group benefits to gig workers, has partnered with Tickets for Good. This collaboration is not just a fusion of services but a convergence of visions, aiming to profoundly enrich the lives of gig economy workers.

About Gig Worker Solutions: Revolutionizing Benefits for Gig Workers

Gig Worker Solutions, under the innovative leadership of CEO Ryan Leggett, is a trailblazer in offering true group benefits, including Major Medical, Workers Compensation, and Group Insurance, exclusively to gig workers. It stands as a bulwark against reclassification issues under new Department of Labor rules and simplifies the complexities associated with state-specific Workers Compensation. Additionally, it’s the sole secure platform enabling gig workers to efficiently claim the Self-Employed Tax Credit.

CEO Ryan Leggett on the Partnership

“This partnership with Tickets for Good is a testament to our unwavering commitment to empower gig workers. By offering them not just essential benefits but also access to life-enriching experiences, we are taking a holistic approach to improve their quality of life,” said Ryan Leggett, CEO of Gig Worker Solutions. “We are not just providing services; we are fostering a community where every gig worker feels valued and supported.”

About Tickets for Good

Tickets for Good, led by CEO Stephen Rimmer, is a dynamic platform revolutionizing access to live events for community servers. With a robust network of over 500 event and sponsorship partners, it has made significant strides in bringing new audiences to undersold events, thereby creating a positive social impact.

Stephen Rimmer, CEO of Tickets for Good, Comments

“We are excited to partner with Gig Worker Solutions, an organization that shares our vision of making life’s great experiences accessible to those who contribute so much to our economy,” stated Stephen Rimmer, CEO of Tickets for Good. “This collaboration is not just about offering tickets; it’s about acknowledging the hard work of gig workers and rewarding them with moments of joy and entertainment.”

A Future Full of Opportunities

This partnership marks a new chapter for Gig Worker Solutions, solidifying its position as a comprehensive support system for the gig economy. By aligning with Tickets for Good, Gig Worker Solutions is broadening the horizons for its members, offering both substantial benefits and opportunities to enjoy enriching experiences.

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