Glenn E. Tate II Presents ‘The Vertical Profession’ to the World

UNITED STATES, November 29, 2023 / — The rope access industry requires expertise and experience. The 1986 New Orleans native Glenn E. Tate II has spent his life serving the public and is an expert. Glenn discovered rope access in 2008 while working as a U.S. Army Cable Systems Installer. He gained unparalleled knowledge of heights and safe climbing from working on telephone poles and communication towers.

Glenn’s career took off after learning about Rope Access and earning Level 3 IRATA and SPRAT certifications in 2012. He is a respected rope access project manager and author of “The Vertical Profession: An Introduction to Safe and Effective Rope Access.”

Key Topics Explored in “The Vertical Profession”

“The Vertical Profession,” written by Glenn E. Tate II, is an invaluable resource for individuals interested in the rope work and scientific aspects of vertical climbing. The book addresses a wide range of crucial subjects, which comprise:

• Equipment and Gear: A comprehensive understanding of the essential components comprising rope access equipment (RPE), including ropes, harnesses, hardware, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

• Safety Protocols: Explore vital safety procedures, such as clear and concise communication during rope access operations, established protocols for dealing with emergencies, and fundamentals of fall protection.

• Technical Skills: Get a comprehensive understanding of technical proficiencies, including anchoring systems, rigging, ascending and descending techniques, and terrain traversing methods.

• Author’s Expertise: Take advantage of Glenn E. Tate II’s extensive expertise and experience, which he has gained through his remarkable career path, which began as a Cable Systems Installer and ended with him serving as a Rope Access Project Manager.

Glenn E. Tate II Achievements and Credentials

Throughout his career in rope access, Glenn E. Tate II has stood out for his unwavering commitment to safety, his unwavering perseverance, and his tireless effort. Among his many outstanding accomplishments in the field of aviation instruction and training are the difficult SPRAT and IRATA Level 3 certifications. Getting one of these certifications shows that you are dedicated to maintaining a safety culture in high-stress situations, in addition to exhibiting your expert level of knowledge regarding rope access techniques.

After serving in the US Army and climbing telephone poles and communication towers, Glenn is regarded as an expert on rope access. The book “The Vertical Profession” best represents his achievements in this field. He has made it his life’s work to share his observations.

Explore Glenn E. Tate II’s Other Notable Works

In addition to “The Vertical Profession,” Glenn E. Tate II wrote the captivating trilogy “Black Gods, Black Children,” about powerful gods who give children of color magical powers. These amazing kids are improving the world’s quality of life. Because these books focus on black children’s achievements, they encourage readers of all ages to recognize their potential.

Glenn’s books should be required reading for anyone seeking contemporary inspiration, bravery, and hope due to his wide range of topics, deft world-building, and emphasis on diverse characters.

Through “The Vertical Profession” and other writings, Glenn E. Tate II shows his commitment to public service, care for others, and belief that everyone can achieve great things. He also shows his unwavering belief that everyone can succeed. His books show how learning new things can motivate people to improve.

Glenn E. Tate’s The Vertical Profession: An Introduction to Safe and Effective Rope Access is now available on the official website (

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