Heart of Stone: Gal Gadot’s grounded action thriller gets a trailer

Netflix’s Heart of Stone has dropped its first trailer. The Gal Gadot spy flick drops on Netflix this summer.

UPDATE: And here it is – the first trailer for Gal Gadot’s new spy flick, Heart of Stone, which dropped at Tudum!


Original Post: If you miss the days of watching Gal Gadot kick ass and take names, you’re in luck! A new trailer for the Wonder Woman star’s new action thriller Heart of Stone hits tomorrow during Netflix’s TUDUM presentation. To get people primed and ready for the trailer’s debut, Netflix shared a Heart of Stone poster featuring Gadot with a look on her face that says, “Make my day. I dare you.”

In the Heart of Stone poster, Gadot stands with a gun in hand before a setting sun, the rays shining behind her determined scowl. Streaming services are going hog wild for spy-related action pieces, with Amazon’s Citadel, Netflix’s The Night Agent,  The RecruitReacher, and more. In a time when the WGA writers’ strike is likely to delay countless upcoming features and series, Heart of Stone could be the thing to satiate action fans until the ongoing negotiations resolve.

Plot details for Heart of Stone remain a mystery. Still, we know it’s a female-led action spy thriller and that Gadot plays an elite agent named Rachel Stone, the keeper of a bombshell secret. Stone is the barrier between the mysterious organization, the Charter, and the loss of its most valuable asset, the Heart. Director Tom Harper (The AeronautsWild RosePeaky Blinders) shot Heart of Stone in Italy, London, Reykjavík, and Lisbon, so expect exotic locations for over-the-top action set pieces.

Jamie Dornan stars alongside Gadot as Parker, with Sophie Okonedo, Matthias Schweighöfer, Archie Madekwe, Alia Bhatt, Jing Lusi, Paul Ready, Enzo Cilenti, and Jon Kortajarena joining the cast.

The action in the film looks on par with other Netflix offerings, including Red NoticeExtraction, and The Grey Man, which is promising. It remains to be seen if Gadot can carry a film on her own, though after seeing her in DC’s Wonder Woman, I wouldn’t put it past her to deliver an engaging performance alongside explosive action.

Netflix’s TUDUM presentation is happening this weekend in Brazil, with guest hosts like Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, and Jenna Ortega taking the stage. We’ll bring you any major news coming from the show and hope for the best as writers continue to fight for their desires during the strike.

You can check out the Heart of Stone poster below:

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