Help Crown the Ultimate Konamon Champion at the JAPANFes Konamon Contest 2018

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updated: Sep 26, 2018

A Two-Day Competition between Japanese Flour Shops from Japan & NYC

This Oct. 6-7, JAPANFes will host a collision of Konamon (Japanese Flour Dish) cultures in a two-day contest for New Yorkers to indulge and try as much takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and yakisoba as they can handle. Each Konamon shop will be hitting the streets hard and dishing out some of the most inventive, flavorful, and succulent Konamon NYC will ever feast upon.

Participating Konamon Shops:

The following 4 shops will be coming all the way from Japan to participate:

  • Takoyaki-doraku WANAKA: A takoyaki speciality shop based in Osaka, Wanaka currently has 13 shops all across Japan.
  • Chibo: Boasting a mighty 68 locations across the country, this okonomiyaki speciality shop hails from Osaka.
  • Chinchikurin: Emanating from Hiroshima, this Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki vendor has locations not only in Japan, but in Los Angeles as well.
  • Fugetsu: Founded in 1967, this longstanding okonomiyaki shop has 14 stores all across Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido.

The following 4 participating shops are based in New York:

  • Osaka-ya: The winner of the first ever Konamon Contest. While they don’t have their own store yet, they regularly participate with JAPANFes.
  • Karl’s Balls: A popular takoyaki shop. Karl’s Balls frequently takes part in not only JAPAN Fes., but a plethora of other events ranging from the Queens Night Market to POP UP NEW YORK.
  • DokoDemo: Specializing in yakisoba, okonomiyaki, and takoyaki, this shop opened up in the East Village in 2017.
  • BentOn: A bento-box vendor with 3 locations in New York. This time, they’re bringing their yaki-soba to the fight.

Date – Location – Time

Oct. 6: Upper West Side (on Broadway btw 115th & 116th street) (10:30AM – 6PM)

Oct. 7: East Village (on 4th Ave btw 9th & 10th street) (10:30AM – 6PM)

Media Benefit

JAPANFes offers an All-Access Media Pass that includes:

  • 8 Free Konamon Tickets to exchange for free Konamon at any of the shop participants
  • The ability to skip the line and film/photograph behind any Konamon stall

Konamon enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and newcomers alike can look forward to this two-day celebration of Japanese culture, food, and entertainment. Join JAPANFes for a multicultural event unlike any other to welcome all eight Konamon shops to the streets of NYC!

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