Highlander: The Duel Card Game Now on Kickstarter!

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updated: Sep 21, 2017

B&B Games Studio launches Highlander: The Duel Card Game!

Players can take on the role of Connor MacLeod or The Kurgan in an epic duel to determine who will take home the prize and who loses their head. This fast- paced game tests strategy, memory and cleverness as players strategically draft Combat Cards and play them in special combinations to deal the most damage to their opponents. But players are advised to beware: their opponent may have unlocked their special abilities, giving them an extra edge against them in combat.

“All of us at B&B Game Studio are excited to be working with STUDIOCANAL to bring Highlander to the table top,” said Floyd Lu, Owner of B&B Games Studio. “We’re happy to be providing players with the opportunity to take part in an epic duel as their favorite characters from the infamous film Highlander.”

“Highlander is one of the most thrilling titles from the STUDIOCANAL’s extensive catalog and it’s great to bring it to a new platform for its fans!” said Valérie Rolandez-Barrios, VP IP Licensing and Partnerships, STUDIOCANAL.

Highlander: The Duel is now on Kickstarter. Back it today to unlock additional cards and perks.

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Source: B&B Games Studio

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