HIV Positive Artist and Activist With Cerebral Palsy Announces Launch of “The Gold Series”: A 50 Painting Exploration of HIV

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updated: Dec 3, 2015

HIV positive artist, activist and consultant Jonathan-Joseph Ganjian announces the public phase of a unique art project surrounding 50 original fine art paintings exploring issues related to life with HIV chronicled in book form alongside poems, essays and interviews with activists and HIV specialists. The Gold Series Book is coming in 2016. Five Gold Series pieces are being released as prints for pre-order from December 1 until March 2016. 20% net proceeds benefit a variety of HIV services.

​Connecticut based artist, activist and consultant Jonathan- Joseph Ganjian celebrates the Dec. 1st World AIDS Day 2015 launch of The Gold Series with select prints available for pre-order through March.

A comprehensive view of the contemporary HIV/AIDS landscape as told through painting, poetry, prose and interviews. This multi-year project culminating in 2016 includes the creation of 50 original paintings chronicled alongside relevant poems, topical essays and interviews with activists and members of the medical community; The Gold Series Book will be launched on Kickstarter in 2016 as the only way to view all pieces.

Three years ago, I began a project with a simple mission: translate my experience with HIV into paintings that speak to the thousands of maybes, what-if’s, could’ve beens and how did I’s which are part and parcel of the virus. The Gold Series is about making the unspoken and unspeakable visual. It is about the combination of my creative voice and spiritual path. It is about the triumph of self over limitations of the body and society. This project’s main goal is to fight stigma through creating dialogue.

Jonathan-Joseph Ganjian, Artist

Selections from The Gold Series will be shown in a variety of venues across the U.S.

20% of the net proceeds from all The Gold Series originals,
studies, prints and The Gold Series Book will benefit a
variety of HIV/AIDS service and awareness organizations at the local and national level. 

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