Honoring Each Learner as Distinctive and Irreplaceable

A radically humane, research-based framework for meaningful teaching

/EIN News/ — Arlington, VA, May 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ASCD, the nation’s leading association for K–12 educator professional development, announced the publication of Powerful Student Care: Honoring Each Learner as Distinctive and Irreplaceable. The book has already received effusive praise from educators for its practicality, insight, and inspirational power.

Every student has a unique spirit and unique life circumstances that shape their way of engaging with schoolwork. Optimized instruction begins with teachers taking these differences into consideration, in order to make room for learning diversity in their classrooms within an institutionalized education system. Powerful Student Care equips educators to humanize and dignify all of their students through a framework called Powerful Student Care (PSC), and offers advice based on strong evidence for putting this philosophy into practice.

Co-authored by seasoned educators Grant A. Chandler and Kathleen M. Budge, the book is constructed as an allegorical learning voyage for readers. With a foundation of experience and voluminous research, this resource offers a foolproof way to ensure that, regardless of label or socioeconomic profile, each and every student receives the support they need.

Comprehensive Resources for Implementing PSC

Powerful Student Care has everything that K–12 educators will need to bring the authors’ one-of-a-kind system to life in their classrooms, including:

  • The foundational five tenets of community that enable students to succeed academically, develop self-efficacy, and experience the joy of learning.
  • “Navigational instruments,” such as processes, instructional methods, and power-sharing relationships, for creating community.
  • The bodies of knowledge that directly influence teacher and student success, including those related to empowerment, cultural humility, antiracist and antibias learning, and more.
  • The Contemplative Practice, an inquiry-based, research-informed scaffold for teacher planning and reflection.

Brimming with colorful, in-depth cases of PSC in action and including downloadable forms and templates to help you move forward with implementation, this book is an essential addition to the library of any K–12 educator with a passion for knowing and supporting the young human beings in their charge.

Praise for Powerful Student Care

“Finally, a book that cuts through the noise and helps us return to the human side of teaching. Powerful Student Care challenges us to listen differently, understand more fully, and learn more deeply about the entirety of a student’s experience as a learner. A wonderfully practical, insightful, and inspiring resource.”

—Alisa Simeral, author, school turnaround specialist, and veteran educator

“This book forces educators to reflect on widely accepted beliefs and practices that exclude and marginalize students. The roadmap and protocols that are presented allow practitioners to bridge theory and practice, encouraging immediate action. The concept of Powerful Student Care is essential if we, as educators, wish to see our students’ full potential realized.”

—Sara Monaco, EdD, Assistant Superintendent, Smithfield Public Schools

“Grant and Kathleen have strengthened my resolve as an educator. Their call to rip to shreds anything that dehumanizes students ignites my passion for being a part of the distinctive and irreplaceable lives of the children with which we are entrusted in every educational space. I am deeply grateful to be invited to the table to be a part of the conversation that is focused on understanding each student’s dignity and worth.”

—Katherin L. Mohney, 22-year educator—teacher, principal, central office administrator, superintendent, consultant

About the Authors

Grant A. Chandler, PhD (Kalamazoo, MI), is the host of the podcast The Wheelhouse and the president and CEO of Students Matter. Chandler’s professional work focuses on district-led rapid turnaround, executive coaching, curriculum, formative assessment, improving classroom instruction, creating high-performing districts, standards-based grading, evaluation, and leadership training. In addition to serving as a national consultant, Chandler has given keynote speeches and presentations and led professional learning workshops and seminars for schools, school district personnel, executive administrators, education agencies, and professional educational organizations. Chandler is on ASCD’s Faculty and is a member of ASCD’s Disrupting Poverty Cadre.

Kathleen M. Budge, PhD (Sebring, FL), has 26 years of experience as a teacher and administrator. Budge is the coauthor of the bestselling ASCD books Turning High-Poverty Schools into High-Performing Schools and Disrupting Poverty: Five Powerful Classroom Practices, which have sold more than 82,000 copies combined. Budge presents at international and national conferences and symposiums and speaks on webinars and podcasts on the topics of poverty and the whole child. She has also written for EL, presented at ASCD conferences, presented an ASCD webinar, and partnered with ASCD on digital products. Budge co-leads the Disrupting Poverty Cadre as part of ASCD’s Professional Learning Services offerings.

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