‘ICO for Sheikhs’ Will Be Presented in Dubai

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updated: Oct 24, 2017

In Dubai, at the World Blockchain summit, the ICO of the new cryptocurrency will be exclusively announced, reports Telegraf.Money.

October 24-25, 2017 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates will be the World Blockchain summit. The event is supported by top emirate leaders who will attend the conference.

Interest in this technology from the authorities of the UAE is not accidental. At the end of last year, at the initiative of Sheikh Hamdan, the Dubai Blockchain Development Strategy was launched. And quite the city authorities of Dubai officially launched their own cryptocurrency called emCash, according to announcements of local media. Cryptocurrency will be used to pay for government and other services.

Dubai became the first city, the leadership of which officially announced the support of the detachment. It’s no wonder that industry leaders, technology makers, international experts will come to the World Summit here. Sheikhs of the UAE, high-ranking officials of other countries, large investors will take part in evaluating the ideas presented.

The attention of specialists was also attracted by the information on the ICO of the new DebitCoin cryptocurrency from the authors of the financial messenger Telegraf.Money – the exclusive ICO in Dubai on Oct. 24. Sales of DebitCoin will be carried out through open auctions. As the CEO Kent Kristensen said, this form was chosen to create the best prices and conditions for buyers of tokens.

Source: Telegraf.Money

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