Illuminating the Music Scene with Electric and Inventive Middle Eastern Fusion – Baklava Express Unveil ‘DAVKA’

Josh Kaye

Baklava Express is an unparalleled, electrifying, and viscerally moving act which continues to stun with their Middle Eastern fusion music

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2023/ — Blending Arabic, and Turkish styles to produce a memorable musical experience, Baklava Express are a stellar and creative force. While a relatively new band, Baklava Express consists of seasoned professionals who bring with themselves years of experience touring and recording in celebrated projects (e.g. Stephan Wrembel Band, Gonzalo Bergara Quartet, Rhythm Future Quartet, and Hazmat Modine to name a few).

With Josh Kaye on Oud, Daisy Castro playing the violin, Max O’Rourke on the guitar, James Robbins on bass, and Jeremy Smith on percussion, the scintillating collective is going above and beyond.

Having recently released their independently curated debut album titled ‘Davka’ in January 2023, the NYC-based band is setting sights on bigger goals. ‘Davka’ has already amassed numerous shimmering reviews and an ever-increasing number of streams on the artist’s official Spotify platform.

Recorded and produced at Studio 42 in Brooklyn, New York, ‘Davka’ offers audiences a rich, eclectic, and bold fusion of musical styles, enveloping audiences with a dynamic and spellbinding aura.

“Our music is deeply infused with the sounds and rhythms of the Middle East, and listeners in the US have told us that our music transports them there. Listeners from the Middle East often say that our music brings them back home,” say the artists behind Baklava Express of their music.

Crafting a soulful, dynamic, and unique musical experience, Baklava Express continue to seamlessly transcend conventions and the musical vocabulary of many traditions- such as Arabic music, Turkish music, Klezmer, Jazz, and even Rock. Ultimately, listeners can revel in a record which displays a cohesive and distinct style which has become a true trademark of the Baklava Express artists.

An instantly recognizable yet indescribable musical force, Baklava Express’ music is unlike anything else. With “Davka,” they hope to begin their own musical journey, motivated to bring traditional elements to a wider audience through their original compositions, inspiring and innovating with traditions.

Visit the Baklava Express’ official website to check out their new album ‘Davka’ and join their enigmatic musical journey. Follow the artists on social media for updates on new and upcoming music releases, and reach out through their email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaboration opportunities.



Originally formed in 2019, Baklava Express is a NYC based Middle Eastern fusion project, led by Oud player Josh Kaye. The band performs original music, heavily influenced by the traditions of the Arab world, Turkey, Greece, and Armenia, as well as Jazz, Flamenco, Rock, and Eastern European Folk music. The eclectic influences and vast differences in the musical backgrounds of its members have created a group whose style is distinct, yet genre defiant.

Baklava Express’ members are passionate to follow their goals and future plans, hoping to perform regularly in NYC and putting together a US tour in the not-too-distant future. They are also open to the idea of dropping an original album very soon as well.







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