Innovative 3D Printed Barry Bonds Book Packaging Introduced by Anthony Phills

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Jul 18, 2016

Award-winning designer, Anthony Phills, dawns a “Next-Gen” in the world of book package designing with his innovative 3D printed Barry Bonds packaging, improving the interactivity quotient of book packages any day.

The packaging of a book plays a huge role in pulling potential readers to the piece and has to have an engaging quotient. How about making them more interactive? Well, for the first time ever, award-winning designer Anthony Phills has introduced innovative 3D printed book packaging that takes interactivity of a book to a whole new level, establishing a deeper connection between the viewer & the book.

“For 30+ years, my focus has always been on human-centered design. I believe that a story you present to the world has to be relevant, crisp, and, most importantly, involving. It should be able to make the audience believe in it & drive them to act, and for that you have to ensure a high level of interactivity with the whole packaging. This is why I came up with Next-Gen 3D book packaging design that would ensure a livelier user experience, leading to an improved pulling effect for your book; something that is not possible with traditional static book packaging. I am hopeful that this will dawn a new era in book packaging designing,” stated Phills.

Brilliant and insightful on many levels. A must read for designers, marketers, sport/celebrity agents, and entrepreneurs who want to create a world-class, integrated branding strategy, across multiple products and mediums.

Michael O’Donnell, CEO,

Phills introduced the innovative 3D Printed Book Packaging with his latest work, “Designing for the Home Run King.” The Limited Edition book is all about iconic Major League Baseball’s 7-time MVP and all-time home run leader Barry Bonds, and also offers insights on the significance of design in brand building. To have the Next-Gen 3D packaging created for your book, please visit .

Source: Caribbean Commerce Media

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