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Now, authors can use PublisherRocket software that to do book market research, find profitable book ideas and plan for the next bestseller.

SMYRNA, DELAWARE, US, May 30, 2023/ — The book publishing industry is a thriving market, with the United States alone witnessing a staggering worth of $40 billion in 2022. What’s even more exciting is that anyone, yes, absolutely anyone, can now write and publish a book online. Amazon KDP, the leading self-publishing platform, has emerged as a top choice for authors aiming to bring their literary creations to print and reach a global audience. With its comprehensive set of features, KDP supports the publication of various book formats, from ebooks to paperbacks and hardcovers.

As the largest e-commerce platform globally, Amazon grants authors unparalleled access to readers from 80% of countries worldwide. Leveraging Amazon’s massive potential, independent authors find the KDP program particularly appealing. It not only facilitates global accessibility but also provides a valuable platform for market research, enabling authors to identify in-demand niches for their literary works.

Complete PublisherRocket Review:

While search engines like Google offer a Keyword Planner tool for market research, Amazon lacks an official keyword planner. Nevertheless, there are a few third-party Amazon keyword research tools available. PublisherRocket stands out from the rest by offering an affordable and user-friendly solution.

PublisherRocket serves as a game-changer, streamlining the author’s journey and equipping them with the necessary information to plan their next bestselling book or effectively market their existing work. This innovative tool offers a range of powerful features that deliver valuable insights, including:

1. Keyword Research: PublisherRocket’s keyword search feature provides authors with detailed information about individual keywords and helps them discover related keywords. Authors can gain insights into competitor books, average monthly earnings, estimated search queries per month, and a competitor score ranging from 0 to 109 (with a lower score indicating better competitiveness). These keyword search capabilities provide a clear understanding of marketplace demand, allowing authors to optimize their book’s SEO and plan a successful book launch.

2. Competition Research: PublisherRocket goes beyond keyword research by providing comprehensive information about competing books. Authors gain access to crucial data, such as book formats, categories, author names, book age (in days), Amazon bestseller rank based on book sales, number of pages, presence of keywords in the book title, book price, and daily and monthly book sales in USD. Armed with these insights, authors can understand market supply, assess book performance, evaluate competition on specific keywords, and strategically plan their book’s subject matter and content. Furthermore, the tool assists in estimating book sales and devising effective marketing budgets to achieve bestseller status.

3. Categories Research: PublisherRocket’s category research feature enables authors to discover optimal book categories for specific keywords. Not all categories are visible on the KDP book listing page. By leveraging this functionality, authors can list their books in two categories on KDP, with one category automatically selected. They can even replicate category listings of successful books on Amazon by reaching out to Amazon KDP support. Compared to its competitor, IngramSpark, Amazon KDP support offers superior assistance in this regard.

4. Amazon Advertising Keyword Research: For authors running or planning Amazon advertisements for their books, PublisherRocket provides invaluable assistance. Amazon’s sponsored content seamlessly integrates into the website and app, offering an organic and user-friendly advertising experience. Amazon ads prove to be a cost-effective alternative to Google Ads, with higher conversion rates due to the inherent purchasing intent of Amazon visitors.

PublisherRocket’s AMS keyword research feature allows authors to identify keywords that advertisers use to promote their books. By exploring related keywords and studying book rankings, authors gain crucial insights for effective Amazon ads targeting. While the current version of PublisherRocket’s AMS search feature doesn’t provide CPC (cost per click) information, authors can utilize their keyword list within their campaigns to determine the cost per click for each keyword.

PublisherRocket is currently available for the USA, UK, and Germany Amazon Marketplace. These marketplaces exhibit high demand, and authors can leverage keyword research data from the USA marketplace to improve their rankings in other Amazon Marketplaces.

Authors can conduct comprehensive research across all book formats available on Amazon, including paperback and hardcover books, Kindle editions (ebooks), and Audible audiobooks, utilizing PublisherRocket’s versatile capabilities.

Compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, PublisherRocket is lightweight software that operates seamlessly, ensuring a crash-free experience. Users require a stable internet connection to access its features. Since its launch in 2020, PublisherRocket has garnered a loyal user base and continues to provide authors with essential tools for success.

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About PublisherRocket:

PublisherRocket is an innovative publishing tool designed to empower authors in achieving their book’s success. With its robust features, including keyword research, competition research, categories research, and Amazon advertising keyword research, PublisherRocket offers invaluable insights to authors looking to make a mark in the competitive publishing industry. The software is available for Amazon’s marketplaces in the USA, UK, and Germany, and supports research for all book formats. Compatible with Windows and Mac computers, PublisherRocket ensures a seamless user experience. To learn more, visit

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