Intenu Wants to Be the Platform That Builds the TV of the Future

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Apr 7, 2016

Intenu is a new way to watch curated videos in an online TV format. With over 50+ free channels to watch ranging from entertainment to news, you get to watch free online TV.

TV, as we know it is changing at an incredible rate as more and more people are cutting the cord and using other mediums like Netflix or media boxes to consume their content. Numerous reasons have precipitated this exodus such as the high costs of cable and the easy access to content, as well as cable’s generally backwardness in today’s internet age. It’s why numerous players like Apple, Netflix etc have been working on ways to fix TV.

It’s in this state that a new app called Intenu, wants to build the TV of the future. Intenu is an app where anyone can watch a new format of online TV for free. The app comprises of over 50+ channels that range from all kinds of categories like entertainment, news, sports, fashion just to name a few and are accessible by a click. Channels like News One, Cool Culture TV, Auto TV, Tech TV, Education + Life are some of the few awesome channels to check out. More importantly, founder Michael Nana believes that the TV of the future should make it simple and easy for content creators to broadcast their content to their audience without disrupting the experience for the consumers. Intenu makes it very easy for content creators and curators to create channels and broadcast their content. As a free user, you can easily create a channel for a category of your choice and curate online videos to be aired on your channel whenever you want. Just that simple and super fun actually.

Intenu’s founder believes that platforms will build the TV of the future. To him, as opposed to Tim Cook’s idea of apps being the future of TV, a platform on the contrast provides an easy medium for content creators to easily air their content to their audience. This, thereby opens access to more content creators who would have been blocked out by the cost of running an actual network or by building an app. A platform also provides an easy medium for consumers to easily search and discover all available channels easily while also keeping the experience of the consumer from channel to channel the same. Also, something that current TV doesn’t do well, a platform would allow a consumer to easily switch from watching a show on their TV to their tablet with tremendous ease. The TV of the future should do that and that’s what Intenu is building.

Intenu launched recently and can be used on the web as well as on iOS and Android. The company intends to further its push for a new TV with the building of an Apple TV app and a Roku app very soon.

You can start watching TV in a new way with Intenu.

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