Introducing Philly Street Flippin’- Airing for the First Time on HGTV

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updated: Jul 22, 2017

Don’t pass on Philly Street Flippin’ – a one of a kind show that revolves around the art of home flipping. Let HGTV show you how Philadelphia born designer and real estate guru Rachel Street restores a Philly rowhome. Catch the first episode of this inspirational home renovation show on HGTV this Sunday at 2 p.m. ET.

Philly Street Flippin’ is the innovative new home renovation television series airing this Sunday at 2 p.m. ET on HGTV. The show revolves around the exceptionally talented Rachel Street in a quest to flip a historic row home in Philadelphia. Rachel transforms this 100-year-old house into an unbelievable home, all the while honoring the original architecture and mixing in a little new with the old.

By honoring the original architecture, Rachel ensures that the home retains its own personality by perfectly merging the old with the new. This colossal task is done with apparent effortlessness due to Rachel’s natural ability, keen eye and passion for architecture and home renovation in Philadelphia. Bringing something back from a state of near disrepair and turning it into a home fit for a family, is a pure and rare form of art.

One of the things I try to do with my renovations is honor the original Philadelphia architecture and combine the traditional elements in those homes with modern items to bring them back to life.


As a licensed realtor and the President of Hestia Construction LLC, Rachel Street is more than qualified to take on these unbelievable tasks. Rachel paves the way for individuals who want more than just a basic foundation, to express creativity and personal taste through inimitably stunning yet practical homes. The best part is that Rachel is a firm believer in sourcing materials locally, keeping everything as close to home as possible.

Rachel is a woman who does it all – if being skilled as a licensed realtor isn’t enough, Rachel also has a very interesting musical background. As a classically trained singer who is fluent in Italian and Spanish, Rachel is also a philanthropist, having started a free program for adults in the South Philly area to learn English as a second language.

HGTV is proud to welcome Philly Street Flippin’ to the family, having received amazing reviews from audiences that have been bowled over by what Rachel has done. The best part is that viewers get to see Philly in a whole new light. You’ll flip out when you see Rachel work a special kind of magic this Sunday at 2 p.m. ET only on HGTV.


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