Introducing Solodome – A Personal Audio Chair Designed to Optimize Audio Experience for Music, Film, Gaming & Wellness

The Solodome is available in combinations of black and white in matte and glossy.

Custom-Built in Southern California, Solodome is Available Now in Three Models. Discover More at

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, December 14, 2023 / — Custom-built in Southern California, Solodome is a personal media chair that creates an ideal spatial audio experience without the inconvenience of installing discreet speakers or sacrificing quality by relying on headphones alone. This unique audio furniture combines premium audio components and cutting-edge processing with functional (and fashionable) physical design to optimize the audio experience for music, movies, gaming and wellness applications. The chair is available now for order at

Available in three different models– the Solodome for personal listening, Solodome XL for those needing additional space and the Solodome Mini for young listeners – Solodome’s unique design leaves no parallel surfaces for sound to create standing waves. Its natural sound-canceling properties create a transparent environment that allows the listener to hear the properties of the source audio without the adultering effects of a room and individual speaker cabinets.

The user sits back in a dome-shaped shell, literally placing their head in the “sweet spot” by the design of the headrest and seat cushions. The cozy interior is lined with locally manufactured specific durometer foam that dampens the speaker driver, allowing it to perform within its specifications while further diffusing reflective sound.

Spatial audio has emerged as the next evolution of home media sound that is poised to elevate the experience in a way that rivals stereo in the 1970s and CDs in the 1990s — a leap in quality that consumers are ready and willing to pay for. By providing an enclosed acoustic space, Solodome users get a full-spectrum visceral audio experience exceeding a multi-speaker room set-up, but in a single unit that requires zero installation and only one power cable. This makes Solodome the perfect solution for users willing to invest in top-quality audio but without the ability to dedicate an entire room.

The enclosed unit provides an individual media experience that does not encroach on others occupying the same space. Multiple occupants of the same home or work space can enjoy their individual media without the need for headphones. Additionally, the unobstructed visceral impact of Solodome’s full-frequency audio makes it an unparalleled tool for audio therapies and wellness treatments in the home or office.

Solodome is a collaboration between Josh Chaney (CEO) and Kris Cadle (CTO). Both natives of Southern California, the partners have combined experience in audio engineering, software development, consumer products and entertainment, including Kris’ R&D engineering for the award-winning Rosson Audio planar magnetic speakers and Flaregun’s patented augmented reality engine as well as Josh’s entrepreneurial leadership in ready-to-eat quickserve California Frozen Poppers with an eye for design and creativity.

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