Investment Expert and Bestselling Author Illuminates the World of Trade Finance

Trade Works: The Trade Finance Investor

Andreas Schweitzer, renowned expert in global finance and WSJ bestselling author, has released his latest book ‘Trade Works: The Trade Finance Investor’

LONDON, UK, October 12, 2023 / — Trade Works challenges the conventional approach of finance literature, offering readers a refreshing take on trade finance. Schweitzer, an experienced financier, delivers a candid and engaging exploration of the complexities of trade investment. Praised by industry professionals and novices alike, Trade Works serves as an enlightening reference for anyone looking to grasp the intricacies of this captivating asset class.

Trade Works draws from two years of intensive multinational research, ensuring the content is authoritative and enlightening. In addition to providing valuable insights into trade finance, Schweitzer generously shares a business opportunity that readers would otherwise be unaware of.

Whether you are a seasoned investor seeking to deepen your understanding of trade finance or a novice exploring investment options, Trade Works is the educational investing book for you. This comprehensive reference book can also be explored via an AI-powered book bot, providing immediate access to the insights and indepth research contained within. Visit:


Trade Works offers straightforward writing that caters to financial experts and individuals interested in finance. Based on his extensive trade and finance experience across the globe, Schweitzer shares his insights and the results of two years of meticulous research. Readers gain a deeper understanding of why trade finance is an attractive asset class, presented witty and engagingly. Trade Works introduces readers to a business opportunity that many are unaware of, even if they are not yet considering investing in trade finance.

With its comprehensive glossary and concise exploration of historical financial mishaps and preventive measures, Trade Works is a must-read that readers will repeatedly refer to.

Praise from the financial community includes:

“I picked this book up, expecting it to be like every other investment book, but I was blown away by the information provided by Schweitzer.” – Tamara Nall | chief executive and founder, The Leading Niche

“Schweitzer has taken the recent pandemic and brought a perspective on how leveraging investments via trade and capital is a beneficial option to both common and seasoned investors. Many entrepreneurs know that access to capital is critical for growth and successful maturation of a business. He leans on his own experience and research to substantiate his view.

“Understanding that businesses need this capital is a great opportunity to create investments into trade capital and win. There is a benefit on both sides to the investor and to the businesses being supported. ‘This was an exceptional read. I enjoyed the research provided and it shows his background or love of research to support his points. I highly recommend this book not only for the information and content but for the presentation in it. This will be on my bookshelf without question.” – Paul L. Gunn, Jr. | founder, KUOG Corporation

“Trade Works is an informative and educational look into investing safely and securely. If you are looking to invest in a way that doesn’t take you into debt, this is the book.” – Rick Orford, two-time Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author, investor and mentor

Captivating readers since its publication and achieving five-star reviews, Amazon readers say:

“I like author Andreas Schweitzer’s book for many reasons. Firstly, I think having a background information about him and how he entered this financial world and how he grew gives that sense of relatableness that readers want to experience in a book like this. Trade Works is a first step, and introduction to this topic. It gives good information about the basics in order to be able to follow what is next. It was a really good recommendation from my mother. We both love the introduction to businesses we didn’t even know existed. To conclude, a good informational and guide book to study on.” – Brenda – Amazon USA

“So I’m taking a Global Business class for my MBA and this book really helped bring together all the terms I learned about and how to apply the knowledge in a productive manner. The author uses experience and diligent research to explain what trade is, why it’s important and how you can make money off of it. Even without seeking investment opportunities, I think the book does a great job of explaining its topic so that you come away understanding all of this so much better.” – J Armstrong – Amazon USA

Published by Leaders Press, Trade Works (ISBN: 978-1637352328) is available in paperback (£13.56) and Kindle format (£7.99) on Amazon at and

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About the author:

Andreas Schweitzer is the Managing Director of London-based Arjan Capital Ltd, regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a trade and corporate advisory firm specializing in factoring, trade finance, and payment mechanisms, particularly in complex jurisdictions.

In 2020, Schweitzer founded Artis Trade Invest, a speciality finance entity based in Liechtenstein that focuses on trade finance solutions for European small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

Schweitzer has a distinguished career, having managed a USD 200 million market-timing fund and held management positions at Jacobs Suchard and Bank A. Sarasin & Cie.

He was named Honorary Senator of the Bundessenat für Wirtschaft und Technologie, WBA (German Federal Senate for Economy and Technology) in 2015.

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