Ivacy VPN and the FIFA World Cup 2018 Take Off Gloriously

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updated: Jun 15, 2018

The FIFA World Cup 2018 is taking the internet by storm, but Ivacy VPN managed to do the unthinkable by reaching an all-time high with its sales and revenue.

After the FIFA World Cup 2018 took off yesterday, fans were left ecstatic with the showdown between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Russia being the hosts of the World Cup this year, proved that they were not going down easy, as is evident with how they defeated Saudi Arabia. Russia scored 5 goals, while Saudi Arabia failed to score even one. It is quite apparent that the World Cup this year will not be like anything seen before.

The brand is working towards meeting its customers’ needs and requirements, which in this case was to allow them to watch the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony and the match between Russia and Saudi Arabia with ease, comfort, and complete security.

Bilal Khan, Assistant Vice President of Ivacy

On the other hand, taking advantage of the FIFA World Cup craze on the internet, Ivacy too managed to steal the show. The VPN service provider used the trend to score phenomenal sales, and managed to break records from yesteryears from a blog titled “Watch FIFA World Cup Online”. 

It is worth noting Ivacy is not a newcomer in the VPN industry, and since its inception, has outdone itself. Today, the brand has cemented itself as the premiere streaming, downloading, and security VPN solution for those that value their freedom and anonymity.

Source: Ivacy

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