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MIAMI, FL, USA, November 28, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Celebrated Bachata sensation, Jalil Lopez, is captivating hearts worldwide with his latest single, “Yo Quiero el Amor.” The enchanting track, released just three months ago, has garnered significant attention and secured its place on in three prominent playlists on Spotify. The singer has also been named by the prestigious Billboard magazine as one of the Rising Artists of the year.

The tropical rhythms and melodic beats of “Yo Quiero el Amor” showcase Jalil’s mastery of the Bachata genre, reaffirming his status within the Latin music industry.

Spotify, has recognized Jalil’s talent by featuring “Yo Quiero el Amor” on three playlists: Amor Tropical, El Nuevo Tropical and Latin Drive. These playlists, known for their influence and reach, have introduced Jalil’s captivating sound to a diverse audience, further solidifying his presence in the global music scene.

“I am incredibly grateful for the support and recognition from Billboard and Spotify. It’s an honor to be featured alongside some of the most outstanding talent in the industry. I hope the listeners enjoy the music as much as I enjoyed creating it,” expressed the singer with excitement.

As Jalil continues to make waves with “Yo Quiero el Amor,” fans can expect more of his musical prowess as the artist prepares to release music in the coming weeks. At the same time he is more committed than ever to challenging the boundaries of Bachata while staying true to the rich traditions of the genre.

More about Jalil Lopez:

He is a Bachata singer known for his captivating voice. With a unique blend of traditional and contemporary influences, Jalil has carved a niche in the music industry, captivating audiences in Latin America. A few years ago he found himself at the pinnacle of success with his track “Princesa Mia” while signed to Pina Records in 2012. The song reached #10 on the Billboard chart in the bachata genre and was part of Raphy Pina’s ¨La Fórmula¨ album.His latest single, “Yo Quiero el Amor”, is a testament to his artistry and dedication to the evolution of Bachata. Connect with Jalil on Spotify to stay updated on his musical journey.

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“Yo Quiero el Amor”

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