Jansen Panettiere Joins the Cast of Eden Falls

Press Release

updated: Jan 21, 2016

Writer of Friday the 13th creates new project Eden Falls, Jansen Panettiere signs on to play the lead, Rob Adams.

 Jansen Panettiere joins the cast of Eden Falls as the lead Rob Adams. Panettiere of Robots and Ice Age: Meltdown also starred in Relativity Media’s Summer Forever in 2015 with Megan Nicole, Ryan McCartan, and Cody Johns. He is also the younger brother of Hayden Panettiere, star of Nashville on ABC.

Eden Falls is the story of Rob Adams, a freestyle skiing star who corkscrews 720’s into a nightmare paranoid landscape to save Lucinda, the only woman he will ever love. Eden Falls was written by Michael Coulombe, Martin Rogers, and Victor Miller, 3 time Emmy winner and writer of Friday the 13th.

Eden Falls will be directed by Michael Coulombe. Score will be composed by Friday the 13th veteran Harry Manfredini and will also star Eileen Dietz, Pazazu from The Exorcist.

Eden Falls is produced by Shaun Cairo.

For more information:  http://www.bearclawfilms.com/eden-falls.html

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