JAW Analytics Announces Non-Fungible Tokens as a Service for Artists by Technologists

Press Release

updated: May 20, 2021

An equitable initiative to bring the work of artists to the blockchain

Jaw Analytics, a female-owned analytics services company in Houston, Texas, has recently launched a project to shatter the barriers of entry for artists who are interested in creating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) from their art. As described by CEO Ashley Wilson, “This product brings artists to the forefront of innovation.” 

The current process to create, market and sell NFTs can be incredibly profitable but also complicated, expensive and time-consuming. This innovative initiative is an ideal opportunity for artists with portfolios and followings of all sizes to bring their art to the blockchain. 

Artists who adopt the use of NFTs not only earn profits from the initial sale of their work, but also royalties for future sales of that same NFT. The JAW Analytics initiative partners the tools of highly skilled technologists with the talent of artists to create a crucible for success. The resulting impact allows consumers of art to take ownership of their favorite creations in a permanent, secure, and digital way. 

Interested in bringing art to new markets and earning royalties on all future sales? To work with JAW Analytics to digitize property, visit https://jawanalytics.com/nfts/.

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Source: JAW Analytics, LLC

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