John Rosemond, Esteemed Parenting Expert, Explains the Shocking Rise of Fraud and Dishonesty Amongst Gen-Z

John Rosemond

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2024 / — John Rosemond, a parenting expert, and family psychologist, weighs in on a disturbing trend among Gen-Zers. A recent report by anti-fraud company Sift finds that almost half of Gen-Zers openly admit to engaging in credit card fraud. According to Sift’s research, 42% of individuals aged 26 and younger acknowledged filing a fraud claim or dispute, even when they had received and were satisfied with their purchase. This phenomenon, known as first-party or friendly fraud, often results in successful refunds.

Rosemond connects this disconcerting trend to previous research findings that dishonesty on assignments and tests at school has been increasingly seen as an acceptable alternative among Gen-Zers, especially if it leads to a more attractive resume.

“This report is consistent with previous findings to the effect that most young people today believe that cheating on tests is justifiable if it increases their chances of getting into the college of their choice, getting a better job, and so on,” explains Rosemond.

Delving into the broader societal implications of these trends, Rosemond goes beyond the statistics. Engaging in test cheating or committing credit card fraud is one matter, he says. Another issue, however, is that Gen-Zers seem to have no remorse and even justify their dishonesty by saying things like, “They [the company in question] can afford it.”

“To me, this is simply more damning evidence to the effect that post-1960s psychological parenting methods have resulted in two generations of children who believe they are entitled to whatever their hearts desire. Among today’s young people, self-gratification trumps a sense of responsibility toward one’s fellow man. That does not portend well for the future of America,” asserts Rosemond.

John Rosemond recently retired his long-standing weekly newspaper column—a fixture in over 250 newspapers. Rosemond is an accomplished author who has penned and published 20 books, most of which are best-sellers in the parenting genre. He is the host of the weekly podcast “Because I Said So!” and authors a weekly Substack column on parenting matters.

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