Renowned author John Kinnebrew spotlights the shadows behind the dazzling glamor of the elite society

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 15, 2023 / — Follow a searing portrayal of emotional distress and psychological upheaval in Joseph Kinnebrew‘s recent release, “Diva.” Dive into the captivating narrative that unravels the poignant chronicles of Mr. Chevrolet, an anguished man who, while preserving anonymity, recounts the chilling tactics employed by a sociopathic woman, known only as Diva, to methodically dismantle his life.

Turning to his therapist as a trusted confidante, Mr. Chevrolet discloses the intricate web of deceit and ruin spun by Diva and her associates, referred to as ‘Divatonians.’ Diva is unmasked as a multifaceted and malevolent presence, embodying traits from pathological lying and impenitent thievery to an insatiable appetite for wealth and fame. The unnamed protagonist goes on to reveal Diva as a nymphomaniac harboring ambitions of pursuing a career as a stripper and a porn star. Additionally, he exposes her despicable racist beliefs through venomous rants targeting specific ethnicities.

Author Joseph Kinnebrew demonstrates his adept ability to probe into the spectrum of human emotions through a raw and evocative narrative. His instinctive and vivid tale lays bare the complexities of pain and betrayal. His gripping novel skillfully captures the nuances of despair, offering readers a deeply engaging experience as they are drawn into the tormented protagonist’s psyche.

“Kinnebrew maintains a feverish pitch for the duration of the short novel, vividly capturing the desperation of emotionally broken souls,” the Kirkus Review writes in their critique. They describe the author’s storytelling as a “peculiar mix of intellectualism and Harlequin Romance novels”.

Navigate the labyrinth of psychological suspense, trickery, and manipulation through the beguiling pages of Joseph Kinnebrew’s latest masterwork, “Diva.” Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major online book retailers. Don’t miss the chance to grab a copy today!

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