Julie King, Dr. Ross Greene, and Dr. Paul Jenkins Show Parents How To Get Their Kids To Listen

How To Get Your Kids To Listen

18 leading parenting experts share their best parenting tips in “How To Get Your Kids To Listen,” a free ebook for parents and caregivers of young children.

Having many tools available to you, like the tools you can learn from these experts, makes it so much easier to get your kids to cooperate with you.”

— Sue Meintjes

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, May 3, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — 18 international parenting experts offer their single best parenting tip in “How To Get Your Kids To Listen,” a downloadable ebook to help parents who want to get their kids to cooperate without yelling or threats. For a free ebook download of “How To Get Kids To Listen,” visit https://www.expertparentingadvice.com/listen-book

With contributions by leading parenting experts Julie King (How To Talk So LITTLE Kids Will Listen), Dr. Ross Greene (Raising Human Beings), Dr. Paul Jenkins (Pathological Positivity), and more, “How To Get Your Kids To Listen” reveals the parenting secrets to getting your kids to cooperate, while building better relationships with them, teaching them how to better manage their emotions, and other parenting strategies the world’s leading parenting experts are using and teaching right now to their clients.

The “How To Get Your Kids To Listen” ebook download features:

Julie King, co-author of two best-selling books, How To Talk So LITTLE Kids Will Listen and How To Talk When Kids Won’t Listen, reveals why “playfulness” is such a powerful technique to increase cooperation (and a simple way to be playful even if you feel you are not the playful type).

Dr. Ross Greene, clinical psychologist, and best-selling author of Raising Human Beings and The Explosive Child, shares how to solve problems with kids instead of trying to fix their behavior, and why the “punishment approach” doesn’t work.

Dr. Rosina McAlpine, award-winning educator and author, reveals how to teach your child to acknowledge and manage their emotions while helping them learn how to solve their own problems.

Dr. Hilary Mandzik, licensed psychologist and parent coach, explains the single most important thing we can do for our kids to help them develop the ability to control their own emotions.

Dr. Jean Clinton, a child psychologist and clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral neurosciences at McMaster University, shares what it really means when your child is not cooperating, and how to help build your child’s emotional competence and capacity by becoming a “stress detective”.

Jennifer Kolari, one of the US’s leading parenting experts and author of Connected Parenting: How To Raise A Great Kid, shares how to use her “C.A.L.M. Technique” to turn your language and words into “medicine” that biochemically calms your child and helps them cooperate.

In creating “How To Get Your Kids To Listen” parent of two, Sue Meintjes, asked each parenting expert to reply within ten minutes to the question: “What is your favorite technique or strategy that is working really well for you or your clients to get kids to listen and to cooperate?”

“You’d be surprised how much useful information you can pack into 10 minutes,” says Meintjes, whose book will help parents with children aged between 2 and 10, who want to discover how to get their children to cooperate, while also building a deeper, positive relationship with their children.

“Parents often fall back on the same tools their own parents used when dealing with their kids, but what I discovered is that having many tools available to you, like the tools you can learn from these experts, makes it so much easier to get your kids to work with you,” says Meintjes. “You are not alone. All parents struggle. But the information shared by the parenting experts in this book will change how you view parenting forever. It did for me.”

To download a free copy of the “How To Get Your Kids To Listen” ebook, please visit https://www.expertparentingadvice.com/listen-book

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