Kill Bill Vol. 3: Quentin Tarantino says it’s not going to happen

Quentin Tarantino says that Kill Bill Vol 3 isn’t going to happen, as he’s sticking with The Movie Critic as his final film.

Anyone hoping that Quentin Tarantino’s going to eventually make the long-rumoured Kill Bill Vol 3 shouldn’t get their hopes up. Tarantino has long said that he’s only planning on making ten films before retiring, and he’s already settled on The Movie Critic. “I don’t see that. My last film is about a film critic, a male critic. And he plays in the 70s,” he told DeMorgen, a Flemish newspaper (translated by Deadline).

Tarantino had occasionally teased the possibility of a third film over the years but never seemed entirely sold on the idea of it being his final film. While Uma Thurman’s daughter, Maya Hawke, has long been seen as the perfect casting to play The Bride’s daughter, B.B, and was even in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Tarantino is sticking to his self-imposed ten-movie limit.

For some insight into his thinking, check out his Video Archives podcast, which he does with his old filmmaking colleague Roger Avary (as well as Avary’s daughter Gala). QT is very concerned with the legacy he leaves behind, and he often talks about how directors, as they get older, sometimes end up making too many subpar films. While one could point at Martin Scorsese as someone who’s still as vital as ever, despite being in his eighties, Tarantino has undoubtedly earned the right to end his career whenever he deems appropriate. He’s also said that just because he stops making movies doesn’t mean he won’t keep working, with him teasing more books such as Cinema Speculation, more seasons of Video Archives, and maybe even a foray into TV/streaming series. Could we possibly see Kill Bill Vol 3 done as a streaming series by QT? Who knows?

In the meantime, we at least have The Movie Critic to look forward to.

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