LA Digital Recording Upgrades Its Technology

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updated: Feb 8, 2018

These days the world of advertising is as fast-paced as any other industry. Even though radio and TV audiences are shrinking, major advertisers are still driven to place their commercials in front of consumers on a variety of platforms.

As a result, the audio and production companies that help craft the images you see and hear on the screen have never been busier and are updating the technology they employ, on a daily basis.

“It’s important that we have the latest in audio and video equipment to serve our clients,” says recording engineer Bryan Showalter. Mr. Showalter is the chief engineer at LA Digital Recording (, a state of the art recording studio based in Los Angeles. “Most people don’t realize the role that clear digital audio plays in television commercials. We’ve just updated our studios with Universal Audio Preamps 4-710d’s, Apogee Element 24 Converters, 1080p Video Monitors, and other impressive stuff,” Showalter adds. 

Why are high-end recording studios upgrading their equipment? The answer is simple: Consumers respond favorably to broadcast quality commercials on their smartphones. In many cases, after watching an ad, a consumer can click on a hyperlink that allows them to purchase and pay for a product within three minutes. Therefore, for the production companies and recording studios involved in the creation of visual ads, keeping up with technology is a must.

Source: LA Digital Recording

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