Laine Faro Announces The Release Of Her Fifth Book In The “Corsco Family Series”

Sophia’s Kiss

Experience Unconventional Love in “Sophia’s Kiss” by Laine Faro

AURORA, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2023 / — In the fifth installment of the beloved Corsco Family Series, author Laine Faro invites readers to embark on a journey of magnetic attraction, longing, and love that defies societal norms in “Sophia’s Kiss.”

Inside The Story

As the narrative unfolds, Sophia, the female lead, returns to the ranch every summer to seek solace following her parents’ divorce. Over the years, she has blossomed into a woman, and her beauty has captured the heart of a man who should maintain his distance at all costs.

Sophia’s undeniable attraction to a man named “Joseph” becomes evident as she reaches adulthood. However, a six-year age gap between them complicates matters, leaving him to grapple with his reality and the truth. Joseph admires her from afar, placing restraints on his feelings.

The magnetic pull between Sophia and Joseph becomes unrelenting, defying societal expectations and norms. Sophia’s Kiss” explores a taboo topic with grace and complexity, offering a beautifully painful narrative that forges deeper connections without justification. Laine Faro’s storytelling is nothing short of remarkable.

Set against the backdrop of a ranch cast in shadows from the setting sun, Sophia’s laughter resonates like a lit candle of love that, once ignited, can never be extinguished. Their tale is one of hopeful eyes and aching hearts, a testament to the depths of desire that knows no bounds. Faro paints a vivid picture of unconventional love, threading a narrative that captures the essence of longing and promises a future where two hearts find one home.

About the Author

Laine Faro was born in Delaware and married into the military at a young age. She holds her traditions and Italian heritage close to her heart, which is evident in her writing. It is reflected in her life experiences and the Corsco Family Series, which continues to captivate beta readers with its exploration of love, family, and the intricacies of the human heart.

“Sophia’s Kiss” by Laine Faro is now available and can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other leading book retailers.

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