Las Vegas Artist Pastor Jaylon Calhoun Inspires with New Gospel Track “Can I Get A Little Grace”

“Las Vegas Artist Pastor Jaylon Calhoun’s Inspiring New Gospel Hit: ‘Can I Get A Little Grace'”

This is the GraceEra and the Grace Tour has begun!”

— Pastor Jaylon Calhoun

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2023 / — Pastor Jaylon Calhoun, known affectionately as Pastor Jay, is making a profound impact on the world of Gospel music with the release of his latest single, “Can I Get A Little Grace.” This inspirational song, which graced the airwaves on October 13th, 2023, carries a powerful message of grace, love, and unity.

Pastor Jaylon’s musical journey is a testament to dedication and inspiration. His evocative lyrics and soulful melodies have resonated with countless hearts, and “Can I Get A Little Grace” is no exception. As the Grace Era unfolds, Pastor Jay invites all of us to join him on this extraordinary musical voyage.

The release of “Can I Get A Little Grace” marks only the beginning. As a pivotal part of the Grace Era, Pastor Jaylon Calhoun is set to embark on his Grace Tour, an experience that promises to be unforgettable for all who participate. More than just a series of concerts, this tour represents a movement aimed at spreading love, grace, and the message of Jesus Christ.

We encourage you to become a part of this movement. Request “Can I Get A Little Grace” on your local radio stations, stream it on your preferred digital platforms, and download it to help propagate this potent message within the body of Christ. Let’s unite in making a difference by sharing the love and grace that God has so generously bestowed upon us.

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About Pastor Jaylon Calhoun:

Hailing from Richmond, California, Pastor Jaylon Calhoun is a multi-talented individual renowned for his prowess in public speaking, musicianship, and radio hosting. He is also the visionary founder of the Anointed Radio Network. In recognition of his remarkable contributions, Pastor Jaylon was honored with the prestigious Communicator Award in 2022.

In 2015, Pastor Jaylon embarked on a new journey by founding Judah Family Community Church, a congregation that later merged with another ministry to form Freedom Church of Las Vegas. Within this vibrant community, he serves as the Men’s Pastor, guiding and uplifting the lives of many.

Pastor Jaylon’s music, known for its inspirational qualities, includes chart-toppers like “Jesus You Make Me Happy,” “Renew My Praises,” and his initial Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) track, “My Team Rep Jesus.” He has also crafted Gospel and EDM pieces that have garnered widespread acclaim, with his GosEDM composition amassing an impressive 1.3 million Soundcloud plays and 250 thousand streams on Spotify.

Throughout his musical journey, Pastor Jaylon has graced various cities across the United States, sharing his melodies and messages with audiences in Las Vegas, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Columbus, OH, Jacksonville, FL, and Savannah, GA.

In addition to his musical endeavors, Pastor Jaylon has had the privilege of interviewing numerous celebrities and participating in numerous red-carpet events. He has also hosted events and award shows, further showcasing his dynamic range of skills and talents.

However, it is Pastor Jaylon’s unwavering commitment to his community that truly defines his character. He generously donates his time and resources to aid those in need, including the homeless, and has made substantial contributions such as donating backpacks to less fortunate children. His profound love for his community shines brightly as he continues to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The release of “Can I Get A Little Grace” is a testament to Pastor Jaylon’s enduring commitment to spreading love and grace in an ever-challenging world. With his Grace Era and upcoming Grace Tour, he invites us all to stand united and make a positive difference through the power of music and faith. As the resonance of “Can I Get A Little Grace” continues to touch hearts, let us all be inspired to embrace grace, extend love, and come together in the spirit of unity.

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