LBRY Inc. Releases Android App

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updated: Sep 17, 2018

The Android app lets users access the LBRY protocol, a decentralized, peer to peer data network

Today, LBRY Inc. releases LBRY mobile, the first ever decentralized, peer to peer content network on Android, into open beta. Open beta apps are not finished products – participants in the testing will help move the app from “minimum viable product” to a full-featured, mass market app. Users who enroll in open beta testing will be able to access the more than 700,000 videos currently on the LBRY network on their Android devices and work with LBRY developers to make the app even better.

“Developing an app capable of taking full advantage of the LBRY protocol within the boundaries of cell phone storage and processing speed was an interesting challenge,” said Akinwale Ariwodola, Lead Mobile Developer for LBRY. “But with a lot of work, we were able to create an app that runs off our unique protocol without taxing the device’s resources.”

The release of LBRY’s Android app is a major step forward for decentralized, peer to peer networks on mobile devices. As connection speeds jump with the introduction of 5G and storage space continues its shocking drop in price, the current model of streaming content to save space on mobile makes less and less sense. LBRY will become the new normal for users who actually want to own the content they purchase.

LBRY users can watch videos from thousands of popular content creators and YouTubers like John Cleese, Oscilloscope Laboratories, Casually Explained, MinutePhysics, and Eli the Computer Guy, right now. Users who want to be on the cutting edge of new technology and are willing to put up with bugs and inconsistent performance are encouraged to try the app and send feedback to the LBRY team.

Source: LBRY, Inc.

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