Link to MP3 Launches to Provide the Best Online Music Source on the Web

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Apr 23, 2016

Link To MP3 enables people to discover and download new music as well as their old favorites through a new streamlined design filled with useful features and functions.

MP3 is still the most universally accepted music format, used by players of all kinds, and as such is the most popular with music lovers, who want to be able to host their music on all their devices. For many people however the music they love is increasingly placed beyond their reach, on websites like Soundcloud and YouTube. Link To MP3 is a new website that helps people source and download MP3 versions of their favorite tracks, and has just been launched to become the next big thing in music.

The website features a fully responsive design that works seamlessly on any device, and the latest features and functions, including Spotify and YouTube MP3 to make the experience as engaging and entertaining as possible for users. As well as helping people provide their own links, individuals can explore recent links used by other people as well as the top rated downloads for the week.

The website has been set up with global popularity in mind, with language support for twenty different languages at launch. It is also fully integrated with social media share buttons to help people spread the word virally through their networks.

A spokesperson for Link To MP3 explained, “We are excited to launch Link to MP3 to help people take their music back from the ether and put in back on their devices where they want it. Having MP3 copies of music is essential to those who don’t want to eat through their data using online services like Spotify and YouTube, and is an essential part of curating a collection of favorites. Because we offer YouTube to mp3 and Spotify to MP3, individuals can get all the music they love to listen to anytime.”

About Link To MP3: Link To MP3 is a new market leading website created by linktomp3 JSC, a new Internet startup company. In order to making a better environment for music lovers, the company spent months devising the best possible experience for individuals looking to find and save music online. Backed by 10 years’ experience, the multithreading technology comes with a fully responsive design, enabling Linktomp3 to become the next top online music website. For more information please visit:

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