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Flint Michigan’s Most Promising Artist, Louie Ray, Releases Full Album “Lead By Example” Today On All Platforms

I’m ready to drop this album today and share my video for “Spend.” Shinin light on Flint and all my collaborative creators, its our time.”

— Louie Ray

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Continuing his run as being one of Michigan’s top rap talents, Louie Ray releases his new album today on all platforms. The album titled, “Lead By Example,” has 18 hot tracks following the release of the lead single “Spend.” “Spend” hit the airwaves in Detroit, Tampa Bay, and Texas right away. “Lead By Example” includes features by YN Jay, Sauce Walka, Sauce Gohan, Sosamann , ShotOff and SixOneSixx.

“I’m ready to drop this album today and share my video for “Spend.” Shinin light on Flint and all my collaborative creators, its our time.”

Listen to “Spend” http://onerpm.link/louierayspend
Listen to “Lead By Example” here- Louie Ray – Lead By Example (https://onerpm.link/leadbyexample)
Video Live 12pm CMT, watch here: Louie Ray – Spend (feat. Sixone Sixx) [Official Video Music] – YouTube (https://youtu.be/H4GJcU645moThank youC957)

Louie Ray continues to rep his city of Flint Michigan, with viral raps, fire collaborations while moving like and industry veteran. Brother to fellow midwestern rap phenom Rio Da Yung Og, they shared huge success on the “Movie” track with 25 million views and “One Night” with 20 million views.

Additionally, after Louie Ray’s huge debut on Lil Yachty’s “Michigan Boy Boat” album which included several up and coming midwestern acts, the stage was set for him to launch and level up his career. Louie Ray gained instant respect as a top creative in the space due to developing a loyal fanbase, who see his music as authentic while considering him underrated and predicting his star will rise to the top in 2024.

Louie Ray has over 2 million monthly Apple Music viewers, over a half a million monthly listeners on Spotify, over 200k Instagram followers and over 100k YouTube subscribers due to his heavy hitting songs with fellow top-tier acts like YN Jay and his brother Rio Da Yung Og.

Last summer, Louie Ray released his viral success, #TooLoudChallenge simultaneously with the song “Cash App” garnering much attention and accolades with the ladies showing off their moves on social media .

Louie Ray Bio

Orraccious Brown professionally known as Louie Ray is an American rapper, born and raised in Flint, MI on August 29, 1994. Louie Ray embarked on his musical journey with local rap group L.M.C.O.B. After a short span the group dissolved with the artists remaining very close friends. Louie Ray continued to develop his craft and release music as a solo artist. Louie Ray’s first release was a wildly popular mixtape throughout Michigan and the Midwest, “Still Grinding” (2015). Following the release of “Still Grinding”, the album “Still Grinding 2” (2015) was released. The 2015 releases were followed up with “The Gift” (2016), “Cant Believe Its Local” (2016), “Ray Cash” (2017), “Still Grinding 3” (2018), “The Crossover” (2019), “Big Engine” (2020), and a joint album with YN Jay, “The Scouts” (2020).

During the 2020 pandemic shutdown, Louie Ray and YN Jay created “Coochie”, a fun and catchy song that fans know and love. “Coochie” introduced Louie Ray as a household name in America with over 20 million YouTube views, it is still a highly popular and club requested song today. Louie Ray took the momentum from his viral moment to release a catalog of fantastic music including the song “Movie” featuring his younger brother Rio Da Yung Og. Louie would follow up his collaboration of successful records with the album “Still Unsigned” (2021) and five albums in 2022 “High Stakes”, “Lougramz”, “Still Grinding 4”, “Still Grinding Deluxe”, and “My Signature”. In 2022, Louie Ray had another record go viral, “Cash App”, his first viral musical moment as a solo artist. “Cash App” had celebrities and girls all over the world creating TikToks and sexually suggestive dance routines to his song.

Louie Ray continued his rap rise into 2023 by releasing two albums on June 18, “Personal” and “Even Stronger”. To end the summer of 2023, Louie Ray released “Still Unsigned” with producer DJ UPDOE.

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Spend from Louie Ray

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