Melissa Aytche’s New Book “When Dawn Breaks the Night” is a Captivating Novel About a Young Man Held Down by Destructive Decisions, Whose Life Was Changed by the Grace of God.

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updated: Dec 15, 2017

“When Dawn Breaks the Night” written by author Melissa Aytche is an enthralling novel about a young man whose life was filled with poor decisions and circumstances. Lead down a dark path, God’s light shines and Tony finds himself at the crossroads of life.

“When Dawn Breaks the Night” a captivating account of a young man held down by circumstance and destructive decisions, whose life was changed by the grace of God. “When Dawn Breaks the Night” is the creation of published author, Melissa Aytche, a corporate leader whose study of leadership and human emotion is now taken to another level by bridging the gap between human emotion and the Bible.

The streets of Brooklyn can hold many secrets. They called Tony and pulled him close, promising a freedom that most can only dream of. Living in poverty, Tony’s choices led him down a dark and lonely path. Wondering day to day if he would live or die and watching as the light faded away. Through the darkness, God will bring a light that will carry you through your darkest days. Whispering words of love until Tony found himself at the crossroads where he had to choose between life or death.

Readers can purchase “When Dawn Breaks the Night” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Kobo or Barnes and Noble.

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