Michelin Star Chef Juanma Barrientos to Curate Exclusive Menu for The Art of Elysium ‘Heaven’ 25th Anniversary Gala

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, January 2, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a dazzling fusion of culinary artistry and philanthropy, The Art of Elysium is thrilled to announce that internationally acclaimed Michelin Star Chef Juanma Barrientos will be curating an exclusive menu for the 25th Anniversary Heaven Gala. This esteemed event, celebrating the spirit of giving and artistic brilliance, is scheduled for January 6th in Los Angeles, in alignment with the prestigious Golden Globes weekend.

Juanma Barrientos, renowned for his innovative approach to culinary arts, will bring his unique flair to this special evening. Barrientos, the creative force behind the celebrated ElCielo restaurant, is celebrated for his expertise in combining traditional Colombian flavors with modern culinary techniques, creating a dining experience that is both culturally rich and avant-garde. His passion for culinary excellence and dedication to social responsibility make him an exemplary choice for this role.

The menu, carefully designed by Chef Barrientos, promises to be a journey of sensory delights, reflecting his commitment to creating dishes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also carry a deeper narrative of cultural heritage and innovation. Guests will be treated to a gastronomic adventure that aligns with the Gala’s theme of ‘Heaven’, as envisioned by the award-winning artist Neil Gaiman.

Jennifer Howell, Founder of The Art of Elysium, expresses her excitement : “The Art of Elysium brings artists of all disciplines into communities who need the creative arts for healing and transcendence. The culinary arts helps those we serve in so many ways: we hold diabetic support groups where chefs teach individuals how to make healthier choices and share their talents and recipes with them, we bring the culinary artists into our art salon programs to speak to the creativity and artistry of creating meals and communities, there are countless ways our culinary art programs reach those we serve. It is a true blessing to have Chef Jaunma create the culinary experience for Neil Gaiman’s HEAVEN. To have a Michelin Star rated chef join in the collaboration of artists to build Neil’s vision is the cherry on top. The Michelin Star honors those who excel and we strive to build The Art of Elysium’s family of artists with individuals who excel in their creative pursuits and have a heart and soul to contribute those talents to those in need.”

The Heaven Gala is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of art, compassion, and community. It honors individuals like Amy Smart, Carter Oosterhouse, and Cara Santana for their unwavering commitment to the arts and philanthropy. This year’s gala, with Chef Barrientos’ involvement, is set to be an unforgettable evening of elegance, inspiration, and world-class cuisine.

The Art of Elysium, a non-profit organization, has been at the forefront of bringing artists and communities in need together, creating transformative experiences through art. The Gala is a significant fundraising event that supports the organization’s mission to empower artists and inspire communities through creative expression.

Chef Juanma eloquently expressed his pride in contributing to Neil Gaiman’s HEAVEN gala for The Art of Elysium through his curation of the menu.

“I feel very honored that with my restaurants Elcielo (Miami and Washington DC) I can be in charge of creating the menu for Neil Gaiman’s Heaven Gala in support of The Art of Elysium and it’s 25th Anniversary. The Art of Elysium is a foundation that I admire greatly because it supports people in difficult situations, connecting them with artists. Since 1997 they have helped 110 community programs a month, serving over 30,000 individuals a year. I believe that when we have successful businesses or careers we should share that talent by helping people. I have done the same for 15 years with my Elcielo foundation and I am delighted to participate in this wonderful dinner on the eve of the Golden Globe Awards in the city of angels.”

The chef’s enthusiasm is palpable as he looks forward to overseeing an extraordinary culinary experience at the prestigious dinner, a prelude to the Golden Globe Awards, in the city of angels.

Jennifer Howell emphasized the excitement of having Chef Juanma curate the menu “Having Chef Juanma Barrientos, a culinary visionary, join us for our 25th Anniversary is a true honor. His artistry in the kitchen mirrors the creativity and passion that The Art of Elysium embodies. We are ecstatic to see how he translates the theme of ‘Heaven’ into a culinary masterpiece.”

For more information about the 25th Anniversary Heaven Gala and to explore the full list of Visionary Circle and Spirit of Elysium Circle members, please visit [The Art of Elysium’s website](https://www.theartofelysium.org/heaven2024).

About Chef Juanma Barrientos:

Chef Juanma Barrientos, a distinguished Michelin Star chef, is celebrated for his creative culinary expressions and social impact. His restaurant ElCielo, located in multiple cities including Miami and Bogota, is a testament to his innovative approach, blending traditional Colombian elements with contemporary culinary techniques. His achievements in the culinary world are paralleled by his commitment to social causes, making him an icon both in the kitchen and in the community.

About The Art of Elysium:

The Art of Elysium is a non-profit organization committed to enriching lives through art. It bridges the gap between artists and communities in need, facilitating transformative experiences and fostering a culture of creative expression and philanthropy. Learn more at [The Art of Elysium](https://www.theartofelysium.org/).

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