Millennials Strongly Desire Package Innovation but Are Disappointed by Current Manufacturer Efforts.

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updated: Dec 3, 2018

Easy Product Identification to Reduce Shopping Time Tops List of Consumer Needs that Increase the Customer Experience.

A recently conducted U.S. study by Whitcup Associates, LLC indicates that over 8 in 10 Millennials find compelling supermarket/grocery store product packaging that is recognizable to reduce shopping time. Other highly desirable needs to 7 in 10 Millennials includes packaging that:

·         Is biodegradable/reduces carbon footprint.

·         Is simplified (larger fonts, shorter names, limited graphics).

·         Utilizes different colors/shades to differentiate products in a line.

·         Indicates charities/causes supported by the manufacturer.

·         Describes manufacturer’s food chain/environmental initiatives.

“Smartphone applications containing information specific to a particular neighborhood and provide details regarding product origin, manufacture and sustainability are also popular,” added Morris S. Whitcup, Ph.D., President.

“Millennials are unimpressed by recent manufacturer packaging innovations. Of the nine tested product categories, only electronics (35%) is perceived by a noticeable minority as having introduced innovative packaging in the past year,” added Keith LaMattina, Director of Research Services.

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Source: Whitcup Associates, LLC

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