Mochi Human Text Announces Release of New AI That Can be Made To Write Like Its Users

AI text to humanize

humanized text version of prior picture, in my own voice

AI to human text

dashboard for renaming and managing multiple AI to human text models

Have multiple AIs write in different styles

People can know scale their digital presence by cloning their unique writing style through AI.

Tons of AI to human text converters out there. Most work by injecting grammatical errors, so you get bad writing. This works by cloning your writing style, preserving your brand voice at scale.”

— Bob Swinson

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 15, 2024 / — Mochi Human Text is proud to present the first of its kind AI software that will help guard and preserve the authenticity of its users’ digital footprint. With their software, users can clone their writing style, so that any AI content produced can be converted to have their personal touch and be authentic to their audience at scale.

Mochi Human Text’s AI is tailored to learn an individual’s writing style—including their lingo, rhythm, and unique voice—to an exquisite level of fidelity. Users need only provide their website’s link, upon which the AI meticulously reads and analyses all existing content, enabling it to replicate the user’s style precisely in any subsequently AI text. This ensures that users’ content retains an authentic touch, allowing them to “scale their personality” across the digital sphere.

Mochi Human Text recognizes the necessity for a simple, elegant solution in today’s fast-moving world, hence their commitment to straightforward pricing. Removing the complexity and predatory nature of monthly subscriptions, the platform adopts a pay-as-you-go pricing model, placing a premium on the invaluable asset of authenticity.

In addition, privacy is Mochi Human Text’s utmost concern. The models trained by users are exclusive to them alone.

In its quest for perpetual innovation and alignment with user needs, Mochi Human Text plans to introduce an API for seamless integration with third-party solutions, alongside a forthcoming feature that allows for AI training using documents. Once API integrations are implemented, it will be very easy for users to automatically turn large amounts of text generated by AI to human text. More specifically, human text written in the user’s unique style.

For those keen to explore how this software can revolutionize their content creation process, further information is available on the Mochi Human Text website or by contacting their team directly. In embracing this new era of AI, Mochi Human Text invites users to redefine the landscape of personalized content creation alongside them.

To find out more and experience the future of personalized content creation, visit or contact us at [email protected]. For the latest updates and improvements of our platform, please check out the updates section at

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