MultiTV Showcases Pioneering Video Technology at CABSAT 2024

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MultiTV Solutions Team

MultiTV Solutions Team

MultiTV Solution is exhibiting at CABSAT 2024

MultiTV Solution is exhibiting at CABSAT 2024

MultiTV leverages data insights to drive event success

MultiTV leverages data insights to drive event success

Celebrating Innovation in Media: MultiTV Unveils Groundbreaking Solutions at the 30th Anniversary of CABSAT

CABSAT 2024 provides us with a phenomenal platform to showcase how MultiTV is innovating within the digital media space. We are excited to explore new partnerships in the MEASA region.”

— Vikash Samota, Founder & CEO, MultiTV Solution

DUBAI, UAE, May 20, 2024 / — At the heart of media innovation, MultiTV is poised to captivate attendees at CABSAT 2024, the premier event for the MEASA region, uniquely draws over 18,000 professionals involved in media markets. It gathers a comprehensive spectrum of participants, from Engineers and System Integrators to Broadcasters across Digital, Content, Broadcast, and Satellite sectors, along with Content Buyers, Sellers, Producers, and Distributors.

In 2024, CABSAT celebrates its 30th anniversary and is set to welcome a substantial influx of new exhibitors who have already reserved their spots. This edition will also see the return of the Chinese, French, and German pavilions, showcasing a wide array of media technology innovations. Scheduled from May 21 to 23, 2024, at the Dubai World Trade Centre, CABSAT will be held in conjunction with Integrate Middle East, enhancing the scope and impact of this landmark event.

The Significance of CABSAT for Media and Technology

CABSAT has established itself as a pivotal hub for the media, broadcast, and satellite sectors, annually attracting over 18,000 industry professionals who are key influencers and decision-makers. This year, the event is particularly significant as it marks its 30th anniversary—a testament to its enduring relevance and leadership in driving media innovation across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. With expanded international participation, including substantial pavilions from China, France, and Germany, CABSAT 2024 offers a global panorama of media technology advancements and insights.

MultiTV at CABSAT: Spearheading Innovation in Video Streaming

MultiTV is set to be a focal point at CABSAT 2024 as a veteran in the digital media industry, demonstrating its leadership in Video Platform as a Service (VaaS). The company is eager to showcase four revolutionary products that underscore its commitment to driving forward the media landscape:

1. AI-Powered Highlights (Momentus): This solution harnesses artificial intelligence to automate the creation of video highlights, offering broadcasters and content creators a tool to enhance viewer engagement by spotlighting key moments instantly and accurately.

2. End-to-End OTT Solution (Creator): Addressing the growing demand for over-the-top content, Creator offers a comprehensive suite for managing, delivering, and monetizing OTT content seamlessly across global platforms.

3. Cloud Agnostic Playout (M-FAST): M-FAST demonstrates flexibility and efficiency. It allows broadcasters to manage and distribute content irrespective of their cloud provider, ensuring reliability and scalability.

4. A Unified Platform for Streaming (BeLIVE): BeLIVE integrates various aspects of digital broadcasting into a single platform, facilitating live and on-demand content streaming with enhanced interactive capabilities.

These offerings highlight MultiTV’s technological prowess and its foresight in anticipating and shaping future industry trends.

Harnessing Technology for Future-Ready Media Solutions

MultiTV’s dedication to innovation is prominently reflected in its Video Platform as a Service (Video PaaS), designed to meet the evolving needs of the global media landscape. The company’s PaaS offerings include:

• Scalable Video Solutions: Whether live streaming, on-demand services, or complex media distribution, MultiTV’s platform scales effortlessly to handle increasing loads and complex workflows, ensuring reliable service regardless of audience size.

• Advanced Integration Capabilities: With robust APIs and integration options, MultiTV’s platforms work seamlessly with existing media workflows, enabling broadcasters and content creators to enhance their operations without disrupting ongoing processes.

• Cutting-Edge Security Measures: Recognizing the critical importance of security in media handling, MultiTV employs state-of-the-art encryption and compliance measures to protect content and user data across all stages of video handling.

These technological advancements are not just about keeping up with industry trends; they are about setting them. MultiTV’s efforts to integrate AI, cloud-agnostic frameworks, and comprehensive analytics into its offerings transform how content is created, delivered, and monetized.

MultiTV: A Leader in Global Video SaaS

Widely regarded as the #1 Video SaaS Provider, MultiTV has a proven track record of delivering exceptional online video experiences. The company’s platforms are designed not just to meet but exceed the demands of modern media consumers, offering:

• Engaging Video SaaS Solutions: From large-scale event streaming to personalized on-demand video experiences, MultiTV’s technology ensures viewers enjoy high-quality, interactive, and real-time video content.

• Global Reach and Local Impact: With solutions deployed in various markets, MultiTV understands and addresses the unique challenges of different regions, ensuring content is reachable and resonant with local audiences.

• Empowering Enterprises: Through its innovative platforms, MultiTV has supported over 10,000 branded events, managed over one billion hours of video streaming, and catered to millions of users worldwide, demonstrating its capability to handle massive scales of operation.

Looking Ahead: MultiTV at CABSAT and Beyond

As CABSAT 2024 approaches, MultiTV is poised to exhibit its latest innovations and engage with industry leaders, content creators, and technology enthusiasts. The company is committed to advancing the conversation around video technology and exploring new ways to enhance content delivery and monetization. With a keen eye on the future, MultiTV continues to pioneer developments that push the boundaries of what is possible in digital video. Attendees at CABSAT can expect to witness first-hand how MultiTV’s solutions drive the future of media, making it an essential visit for anyone involved in the content creation and distribution industries.

At the heart of the rapidly evolving digital landscape, MultiTV is a beacon of innovation, propelling the industry forward with its advanced video solutions. As the world watches, MultiTV is not just participating in the digital revolution but leading it. Join us at CABSAT 2024 to see how your media operations can transcend traditional boundaries and enter a new era of digital excellence.

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