Adtech tools and metrics: gamechanger for mobile apps during big sale events

Adtech tool and mobile apps

It is essential for marketers to have adtech tools to maximize their results and reach high-quality users during major sales events.

Understanding metrics during Hot Sale is essential for apps in order to optimize ROI and identify growth opportunities.”

— Juan Echavarría Coll, CEO and co-founder of Rocket Lab.

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, MéXICO, May 19, 2023/ — 7 out of 10 consumers chose mobile apps for their purchases as a safe option during Hot Sale 2022. This fact demonstrates that apps play an increasingly relevant role in consumer purchasing decisions, according to Rocket Lab, an adtech company specializing in mobile app growth.

Such is their importance that spending on mobile apps reached 129 billion dollars in 2022, with a notable increase during Hot Sale.

To maintain high sales rates within apps, it is crucial to have data analysis tools that allow for process automation and improved results, states Rocket Lab.

To achieve this, it is essential to have platforms that enable the analysis of various metrics, such as downloads, in-app purchases, engagement, user acquisition, and generated revenue.

“It is fundamental to understand metrics correctly before Hot Sale to comprehend how users interact with an app and how they behave in response to different advertising campaigns. This allows marketers to optimize their spending and maximize their return on investment, and with the right tools, they can identify growth opportunities,” said Juan Echavarría Coll, CEO, and co-founder of Rocket Lab.

With the arrival of Hot Sale, mobile apps that utilize adtech platforms will not only be able to personalize offers but also analyze consumer patterns and trends.Furthermore, adtech tools will allow access to multiple sources of traffic and deliver truly optimized and personalized advertisements, attracting new users and retaining existing ones. An outstanding example is the comprehensive platform Space, which will enable marketers to differentiate themselves from the competition during Hot Sale.

Rocket Lab explains that with this kind of tools with features artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms it facilitate the acquisition and retention of new users and find various media sources at a lower cost.

With adtechs, it is possible to reduce costs by running campaigns outside of advertising channels that become more expensive during major sales events, such as Google, Facebook, or TikTok. Furthermore, thanks to this tool, specialists can reach 100% of their audience, which is impossible with self-reporting networks (SRN).

Continuous data analysis through adtech tools has been shown to improve the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns, understand user interaction in the short, medium, and long term, monitor real-time results, foster customer loyalty, and identify areas for improvement.

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