Andrew Ryan Austin aka DJ FUNK ATX Nominated to Compete for “Best Upcoming DJ” at SXSW Festival 2024 by Austin Monthly

DJ FUNK ATX, aka Andrew Ryan Austin, nominated for ‘Best Upcoming DJ’ at 2024 SXSW Festival by Austin Monthly. Recognized for transformative

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATE, January 2, 2024 / — DJ FUNK ATX to Showcase His Unique Blend of Beats and Technology at Prestigious SXSW Festival 2024

Austin Monthly has announced the nomination of Andrew Ryan Austin, better known as DJ FUNK ATX, to compete in the “Best Upcoming DJ” category at the upcoming 2024 SXSW Festival. This nomination is a significant recognition of his burgeoning impact on Austin’s dynamic music scene. Known for his innovative fusion of music and technology, DJ FUNK ATX stands out as a transformative figure in the world of modern DJing.

About DJ FUNK ATX: A Synthesis of Sound and Innovation

Early Beginnings: Poetry to Beats

Andrew’s musical odyssey commenced with a childhood fascination with poetry, laying a foundational understanding of rhythm and expression that would later inform his musical style. His academic pursuit at the Butler School of Music, University of Texas, further deepened his passion for music theory and composition.

The Evolution from Bands to the Turntable

Initially part of the Austin pop band scene, Andrew quickly discovered his true calling as a vocalist before transitioning to the world of DJing. His first single, “Austin Radiance Reverie,” marked the beginning of his journey as DJ FUNK ATX.

Dual Identity: Tech Guru and Nightlife Maestro

By day, Andrew dives into the tech industry, running an innovative music tech startup and working as a Product Manager at Indeed. By night, he transforms into DJ FUNK ATX, captivating the Austin nightlife with his electrifying soundscapes.

More Than Music: A Global Enthusiast

Beyond his musical ventures, Andrew’s love for Manchester United connects him to a worldwide network of fans, symbolizing his dual influence in both local and international realms.

The Essence of DJ FUNK ATX

DJ FUNK ATX, a moniker for Andrew Ryan Austin, embodies more than a DJ; he represents a blend of artistic integrity, technological savvy, and a relentless pursuit of musical innovation. His nomination for the SXSW Festival 2024 is not just a personal achievement but an inspiration to aspiring DJs and music enthusiasts everywhere.

Connect and Book

For booking and inquiries, contact: [email protected]

Stay updated with Andrew Ryan Austin on social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

This prestigious nomination by Austin Monthly for the SXSW Festival 2024 underscores DJ FUNK ATX’s remarkable talent and his influential role in reshaping the Austin music landscape. His journey from a poet to a tech-inclined DJ is a narrative of relentless passion, creativity, and a commitment to evolving the art of music.

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