Child Actress KALI FUNSTON Debuts in Award-Winning Title Role Opposite Hélène Cardona in Heartwarming Film ‘CARALIQUE’
Child Actress KALI FUNSTON Debuts in Award-Winning Title Role Opposite Hélène Cardona in Heartwarming Film ‘CARALIQUE’

Kali Funston and Hélène Cardona star in “Caralique” (photographer Angelica Reyn)

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Actress Kali Funston

LOS ANEGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 22, 2023 / — Child actress Kali Funston marks her feature film debut starring in the title role opposite French actress Hélène Cardona (Chocolat) in the family-friendly feature film, CARALIQUE.

Prior to its recent TVOD release, this mother-daughter tale earned several awards and high-praise on the festival circuit. For her individual performance as the bilingual English and French speaking Young Caralique, Funston won ‘Best Child Actor’ at the Idyllwild Film Festival and Scotland International Film Festival.

An inspirational journey, CARALIQUE begins as Arlette Linstrom (Cardona), a respected fashion designer, is shunned by the corporate world and thrust into homelessness with her eight-year-old daughter, Caralique (Funston). Although down on their luck, their creativity and imagination never waivers, eventually landing Arlette a new job and a fresh start for the duo. Years later, Caralique, now in high school (Isabella Blake-Thomas) and obsessed with designing fashion, is turned down by Fashion District manufacturer Dale Lewis (Brian Goodman). Will this crush Caralique’s dreams or could help come from unexpected corners?

Funston was excited to be part of the film directed by Elizabeth Blake-Thomas, explaining “I loved working with everybody and the entire experience. It was fun speaking two different languages, working with Hélène, and the wardrobe – I loved my dress. I especially liked playing Little Caralique because she does her own fashion.”

Before pursuing acting, this 9-year-old actress from Santa Monica, California, first discovered her passion for dancing. At the age of 5, Funston was accepted into the world-renowned Mather Dance Company, home of MDC3, the winners of NBC’s World of Dance. She studies under studio choreographer Shannon Mather and was given the opportunity to dance with veterans Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert. Her talents are often featured on the YouTube series Inside MDC, which offers an inside look at the respected dance studio and its students.

In addition, Funston has trained extensively with several talented choreographers, including Gianna Martello (ALDC), Mollee Gray (CREW Studios), and Kelly Sweeney. Her skills also extend into gymnastics, allowing her to incorporate tricks and flips in her dances.

When she’s not acting and dancing, Funston loves to spend time at the beach and play with her dog, Todd.

Kali Funston is represented by Clear Talent Group.

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