Haniwa Audio to Unveil New “Super Subwoofer” Full Range Speaker System
Haniwa Audio to Unveil New “Super Subwoofer” Full Range Speaker System

Haniwa Audio system featuring new full range speakers

OSAKA, JAPAN, November 10, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Haniwa Audio will be unveiling it’s new “super subwoofer” full range speaker system for the first time at the Capital Audiofest show in Washington, DC on November 10. Last years model received powerful accolades from customers in the DC area.

This compact system is great for the discerning music lover who is accustomed to live performances. It has two single, virtual point source, full range drivers that deliver music to your ears with incredible fidelity and realism. A brand new GaN amplifier delivers instant power to the 1 ohm custom drivers. The subwoofers are frequency and time aligned with the main speakers to provide flat frequency and phase response from 20Hz to 20kHz. This show will feature Haniwa’s newest, never before heard 1 ohm precision MC phono cartridge (the lowest in the world) combined with an all-new Haniwa Tonearm and Current to Voltage Converter to extract every nuance from LP records.

The result is a compact, apartment friendly music reproduction system that will leave you in awe. This groundbreaking system will be on display at the Capital Audiofest show in Room 745 on Friday & Saturday 10am to 6pm, Sunday 10am to 4pm Twinbrook Hilton, Rockville Maryland.

About Haniwa

Haniwa Audio is a division of Kubotek Corporation which is headquartered in Osaka, Japan (7709.T Tokyo Stock Exchange). The company has been developing stereo music reproduction systems for over 30 years. We believe the perfect audio system must exactly and faithfully reproduce music. When you hear Haniwa, you know instantly that it is unlike any other stereo system you have heard. Haniwa sounds like live music because it controls both frequency and phase (timing) using innovative digital technology. Unlike other systems, Haniwa has near optimal technical specifications for precision step and impulse response. In addition, all sound except the lowest frequencies emanate from virtual point sources with single driver speakers delivering a Real 3D soundstage like nothing you have heard before (except from live performers!). With Haniwa, music always maintains the crispness and dynamics of the original recording.

For more information visit haniwaaudio.com or call Robert Bean, Haniwa USA Sales at 508-982-4701.

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