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Rnb artist, writer, and producer Devontaii has earned his way to the Itunes RnB top 30. His newest release is “My Side,” off of his upcoming EP ‘Loversonly 2.’

MIAMI, FL, USA, June 14, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — MUSIC-NEWS.com | Devontaii ‘My Side’ video premiere

Rnb artist, writer, and producer Devontaii descends from a long line of singers rooted in the soul of the 70s. Rhythm and blues are at the core of Devontaii’s creations as he is on a mission to revive the heart of the genre. He understands the need for emotional sincerity in RnB, similar to that of past songs. As an independent artist, he has taken on the challenges of breaking into the industry with pride and enthusiasm. “Creatives are built for this,” built to endure and prosper in environments like the music world. Devontaii’s extensive musical background in Miami, Florida, makes him destined for stardom. The vibrance of such a lively city, combined with his relatives thriving in the ’70s music scene, has led to Devontaii’s respect for the greats and their craft. 

He has opened for the renowned group The Isley Brothers, whose chart-topping singles withstand the test of time. Drawing inspiration from their beloved tracks and talents like Billie Holiday, Chaka Khan, and Baby Face, Devontaii has earned his way to the Itunes RnB top 30. His newest release, “My Side,” has garnered attention for its classic rnb vibe and Devontaii’s showstopping vocal ability. Off of his upcoming EP Loversonly 2, releasing June 21st, fans can expect more irresistible tracks about love, loss, and life. 

Developing beats full of feeling is a passion for Devontaii. His start as a producer drives his love for making visions a reality through music. He especially enjoys telling stories that are rarely told in the current hip-hop and RnB landscapes. What were once tales of authentic love and life have transitioned into fast cars and lavish living. He wants to return to the art that fills hearts. 

On “My Side,” Devontaii represents those who’ve endured toxic relationships. “She don’t want to hurt no more….the pain gets restored” are among his many meaningful lyrics. He acknowledges that with intense love comes a vulnerability to be drawn into the darkness. “My Side” and its complementary music video, directed by BoJack Films, were so well-loved that despite Loversonly 2 EP being complete, he decided to add the song as a single. What has proven to be a great decision, “My Side,” is climbing the charts, bringing Devontaii another step closer to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, a withstanding childhood goal of the rnb singer. 

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