Making Waves in the Boundless Electronic Scene – BAENFAIR Conjures Electrifying Rhythms with Original Music


Un talento versátil, BAENFAIR continúa su ascenso en la música electrónica, catapultándose en las escenas internacionales por su desempeño, ingenio y talento.

MEDELLíN, ANTIOQUIA, COLOMBO, April 15, 2023/ — BAENFAIR , un productor de música electrónica ingenioso y dinámico, continúa irrumpiendo en la escena con sus emocionantes actuaciones, música y experiencia. Rápidamente creando un nombre para sí mismo como un artista prometedor para la industria que necesita ser vigilado, BAENFAIR se ha dado a conocer en el mundo a través de sus logros, su música y su voluntad de triunfar.

Talento de renombre internacional, BAENFAIR se ha presentado en diversos festivales de Colombia, como LA CULTURA TECNO y LA SEMANA DE LA MÚSICA, así como en cientos de eventos privados organizados por emprendedores.

En 2021, BAENFAIR avanzó a pasos agigantados luego de ganar la competencia mundial de género DJOOKY AWARDS MUSIC, realizada en Europa, con su tema “ RESPETO A LA RAZA ”, convirtiéndose en el único colombiano en llegar a la final de este importante evento internacional. Adicionalmente, el artista también ha lanzado un álbum de 12 canciones llamado “FOR LIFE”, el cual ha sido muy bien recibido en las plataformas musicales.

An official member of the organization ASODJ COLOMBIA, BAENFAIR continues to support budding artists in organizing national events. He only recently dropped his third single, “IBIZA,” which is part of his second album, “NEW WAY,” – a record that is bound to have a great impact with its songs around the world. He also plans to soon embark on a small tour in the famous island of Ibiza, Spain, to further promote himself to fans of the genre and specialize professionally as an exponent of electronic music to the world.

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Raul Torres Baena is an iconic DJ and artist who hails from Medellin, Colombia, and is better known in the artistic world as BAENFAIR. BAENFAIR’s interest in music began at the age of 7, and he spent his childhood dedicating more time to trance and disco music, recording his music on cassettes, and showcasing his mixing skills at family gatherings and friend’s parties.

In 1995, the artist began to show his DJ talents at events within his community, gradually becoming the resident DJ at small clubs, parties, and local events. After surviving an act of violence against his integrity at the age of 19, he recovered from almost becoming disabled and fine-tuned his own style, creating his own event and sound company (Conexion).

In 2003, he started working with private and commercial events in different parts of his country. Apart from musical endeavours, BAENFAIR has also pursued studies in business administration, graphic design, advertising, financial management, animation, broadcasting, hospitality, and tourism.

A competitive and skilled entrepreneur, BAENFAIR is currently the owner of a digital marketing and artificial intelligence music technology agency called WIRCHI LIVE. He is married to his wife Yesenia Marin, who is an education graduate and entrepreneur, and who supports him unconditionally as he takes his music career to new heights.





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