Revolutionizing P2P Transactions: Vouchr’s Personalization Widget Transforms Mobile Payment Wallets Experience

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Discover the game-changing fintech solution that enhances digital gifting in P2P services, driving customer engagement and loyalty.

Vouchr’s Personalization Widget elevates P2P transactions, offering a unique gifting experience that drives customer engagement.”

— Rob Balahura, Co-founder

TORONTO, CANADA, April 19, 2023/ — The increasing global adoption of mobile payment wallets has created a rapidly expanding market for personalization in digital transactions. As the number of mobile payment wallets continues to grow worldwide, businesses are seeking innovative solutions to differentiate themselves from the competition and create unique customer experiences.

Vouchr, a leading fintech company based in Toronto, Canada, offers a powerful Personalization Widget that seamlessly integrates with mobile payment wallets, remittance apps, digital banks, and fintech platforms. This cutting-edge solution is specifically designed to add a personal touch to peer-to-peer (P2P) services, bringing a fresh approach to digital gifting and bridging the gap between convenience and personalization.

The Personalization Widget instantly provides a personalized gifting experience for customers, enabling them to add a personal touch to their money transfers with over 1,000 digital greeting cards to choose from. By integrating Vouchr’s Personalization Widget, businesses can enhance their P2P services, capture more business, and create lasting customer loyalty.

With thousands of occasions throughout the year, beyond traditional giving holidays, Vouchr’s Personalization Widget allows mobile payment wallets to take advantage of marketing opportunities via social media and email campaigns, attracting new users and setting them apart from competitors.

“Vouchr’s Personalization Widget is an invaluable asset for any company looking to enhance their P2P services with gifting or personalization,” says Vouchr co-founder, Rob Balahura. “The widget is easy to integrate, saves time and money, and drives more transactions and new customers.”

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About Vouchr

Vouchr is a Toronto-based fintech company that offers a personalization widget and APIs to help businesses create unique and personalized experiences for their customers. Their mission is to become the “personalization layer” for the fintech stack, committed to driving innovation to meet the evolving needs of their clientele. Vouchr serves a diverse customer base, including remittance and domestic money transfer companies, gift card marketplaces, and ecommerce retailers.

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